Have An Exciting Birthday Party at Hangar Trampoline Park!

If you are like me (and almost every other parent in the country), you want to plan the perfect birthday party for your child.  It needs to be exciting and fun, have a unique theme, and be suitable for kids of all ages.  You want to have great food and snacks that are good for you, and a comfortable place to sit down, have your gourmet cake, and open presents.  It needs to be somewhere that will not “break the bank” but has a professional and attentive staff that allows you to enjoy your child’s party as well.

Hangar trampoline Parks can offer all these things and more.  They have custom packages that not only make the birthday VIP feel special, but also provide gifts for every guest like your own pair of Hangar trampoline socks for perfect jumping.  Our party planners can handle all the arrangements from ordering your gourmet cupcakes (from our local supplier) to food that tastes good, and is good for you from Chic-fil-A or Papa John’s Pizza.  Every party comes with endless fountain drinks in all their favorite flavors too.

If you or any of the guests have dietary restrictions, do not worry!  They can arrange for those folks as well!  Even though all those things sound great, you might be wondering why a trampoline park is a good choice for your kid’s party.  Here are some more reasons to help you decide!

It is a unique and original idea– while trampolines have been around for decades, the idea of a super –fun loaded with activities is relatively new, and your guests will appreciate something out of the ordinary.

It is not just bouncing on trampolines– although bouncing on a trampoline IS lots of fun we have more than that.  There is the wall-to-wall trampoline room where you can soar to new heights, but we also have many favorite sports revisited.  There is dodge ball, bubble soccer, and basketball all played on trampolines!  There are slides and slopes, areas with special lighting, and the toddler zone featuring a pool of 10,000 foam blocks.

It is the most fun you can have exercising– Trampolining is the best low impact high results exercise around.  It is easy on your joints, but helps burn fat, build muscle, improve balance, and much more.

There is always courteous and helpful staff around- Each employee is a trained staff member that can answer your questions, provide for your needs, and help with the kids by offering a supervisory eye.  They are versed in the use of all equipment and the safety procedures associated with it, and will guide all the guests through the rules of each game.

There is a package priced right for you-there are a number of packages so we can find one to fit your needs.

If you want to thrill your child with a party that is unique, super-fun, and fit for kids of all ages, Contact your local Hangar Trampoline Park and let them help plan your child’s party today.