Tips to Create Healthy Competition Between Kids

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

Kids have a natural desire and love for competition. Once a child learns to compare themselves to others, they begin to want to be the best. While experts don’t all agree with creating competition between children, they naturally lean towards competition which means that they will most likely face it at multiple points during their life. Instead of trying to avoid competition altogether, try to create a healthy environment for competition to naturally progress. Here are some tips to create healthy competition between kids.


Don’t Focus On the Win


Competition is not solely about winning. When trying to create healthy competition between children, don’t focus on the win. Rather try and focus on the child activity itself. This way children can try their hardest and do their best while not being devastated if they happen to lose. Not everyone can be winners, but that doesn’t mean that those who didn’t technically win shouldn’t be able to enjoy and get something valuable out of the child activity.


Learn from Failure


As much as we want to shield children from failure, it’s inevitable. By creating healthy competition between kids in a low risk environment, you can give kids the chance to develop crucial coping skills. Failure shouldn’t be seen as a source of pain by parents. It should instead be viewed as an opportunity for your child to grow and become a stronger individual.


Don’t Put Conditions On Your Love


While parents don’t mean to put conditions on their love, it can often inadvertently happen when it comes to competition. It is okay for parent to give praise for their children when they do something good or exceptional. However, children shouldn’t only feel valued for their excellence. When it comes to creating healthy competition between kids, ensure that winning isn’t associated with how your feel about them.


Parents don’t need to try and protect their kids from competition. Whether they win or lose, competition provides natural and needed learning skills. One way that parents can help their kids is by creating child activities that ignites a healthy competition between kids. This way kids are able to compete, win, and fail in a safe environment. When it comes to creating healthy competition, make sure to not focus on the win, help children learn to fail, and to show them that winning and losing doesn’t change your love for them. By following these three tips, you can better help your children develop and grow.