Health benefits from jumping on a Trampoline

Trampolining is becoming recognized as one of the most effective exercises you can do in terms of thorough musculature and cardio workouts. NASA studies of “rebounding” shows it to be the most effective form ever devised by man. Many people practice trampolining because of the fun factor, especially kids. Jumping has been a normal past-time for kids whether it’s on a trampoline or their mother’s bed. If it’s a routine workout regiment or just for fun, trampolining has several benefits like improved coordination and toned muscles. We have put together a listing of some of the healthful benefits the human body can get from jumping on a trampoline:

Cardiovascular Benefits

NASA has studied many different workout methods over several decades in an effort to keep their astronauts in top physical condition while in space.  They have found that trampolining – or “rebounding” – gives a more effective cardiovascular workout, and promotes the elimination of toxins in the body. Ten minutes of trampolining is a more effective cardio workout than thirty minutes of running.  The heightened g-forces while jumping on a trampoline enhances the lymphatic system as it cleans the body of waste.

Better Immune System

The g-force experienced in trampolining also strengthens all the cells in your body. As a result self-propelled immune cells work five times harder at killing bacteria and virus, even cancer cells. Therefore, making your immune cells more active is extremely beneficial. Simply put, according to NASA, jumping on a trampoline strengthens your body’s immunity against diseases.

Increased energy

Trampolining also speeds up oxygen circulation between cells, which boosts the body’s energy level. The person trampolining will feel the extra burst of energy only after a few minutes of jumping.

Improved digestion

Trampolining causes muscles throughout your body to contract and relax. This flexing aids the cleaning out process of the digestive system. In this way, you can improve your digestive tract by jumping on a trampoline.

Better coordination and agility

Trampolining can improve your coordination and sense of balance. Jumping on a trampoline, you learn to control arms and legs and how to adjust your body position accordingly, thus improving your coordination and use of fine motor skills. The practical results can be improvement in performing tasks requiring hand-eye coordination.  One example would be the way in which acrobatic and gymnastic coaches use trampolining to improve student tumbles and aerial skills.

Muscle toning

The NASA study shows trampolining will bring about an improvement in overall body strength. A trampoline workout increases muscle tone and reduces the percentage of body fat. Regular use will help improve musculature and posture. Trampolining works your core-stability muscles so steady usage will tone the lower back and abdomen.

Relieve stress and have fun

Finally, jumping on a trampoline is fun and helps relieve stress. Scientific studies have proven that when you are jumping into the air, you forget all of your worries and just concentrate on having fun.