Trampoline Park Trends

It’s no secret that trampoline parks have become a big hit in the family entertainment industry. Trampoline parks offers fun for the whole family. With the rise in trampoline parks popularity, there are several trampoline park trends that have begun. Here are some of the top trampoline park trends.


Health Kick


Looking for a fun way to exercise? One common trampoline park trend is promoting themselves as a way to exercise. Many trampoline parks promote themselves as a way to get in shape, while still having fun. Not only does this trend broaden the target audience of trampoline parks, but also can have an effect on their appearance. This trend attracts both teens and adults that are looking for an alternative way to stay fit. Parks that take on this health kick trend usually include specialized equipment that is geared towards getting in shape.


Basketball Hoops


When you are jumping high on a trampoline, a blowup basketball hoop is a great accessory. Blowup basketball hoops are another common trampoline park trend. Basketball hoops provide an added layer of fun because they can be used to incite competition and get people playing. They are a great way to attract not only younger kids, but also teens and adults that are looking for a fun way to shoot some hoops.


Trampoline Runway


Having the longest trampoline runway has become a major trend among trampoline parks. Many companies claim to have the longest trampoline runway in order to attract more customers. This long stretch of trampoline can be used to simply run into a foam pit at the end, practice flips, or race friends. The possibilities are endless with a trampoline runway.


Obstacle Courses


Obstacle courses are a fun activity for anyone looking for some competition. Whether your attending a birthday party, or just trying to hang with friends, a blowup obstacle course can bring all kinds of fun. This is why obstacle course have become a big trend among trampoline parks. They offer a fun way to compete with friends and family.


Trampoline parks have begun to move away from just being a place for children parties. Trends such as promoting health and fitness, incorporating basketball hoops, having the longest trampoline runways, and fun obstacle courses has steered trampoline parks towards being more for the whole family. Next time you are looking for a day filled with family fun, check out your local trampoline park.