Trampolines – a perfect blend of exercise and enjoyment

Most of us nowadays are looking for the perfect blend of exercise and enjoyment.  We are looking for a better way to stay healthy and in shape without a lot of cost or strain.  If you are still looking for that perfect blend of an effective work out that is truly fun, we might have the answer to your dilemma. Look no further than your local Trampoline Park. It is a family oriented gathering place for those who want to get healthy and fit in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Trampolines were originally meant as a gymnastic training tool, but in the last few years the benefits of the trampoline by people of any age or condition have come to light.  You can use Trampoline fitness training as a cardiovascular exercise to strengthen your heart, invigorate blood flow, and increase your cardio rate.

When you increase your heart rate, it promotes the expending of energy and helps tremendously with weight loss. It is a wonderful to manage your weight whether you want to lose 15 pounds or 50.  Did you know that spending about 7 minutes on a trampoline practicing vigorous jumping is equivalent to running a mile?

NASA has released a study that shows us that 10 minutes of jumping on the trampoline provides the same results as running/jogging 30+ minutes. This is a 68% more effective way to burn calories than either jogging or running, with much less strain and effort on the human body.

If you are tired of strenuous and tedious exercise regimens that take a long- time investment to show few results, then maybe it is time to try the trampoline!   It is the perfect exercise for the whole family.  Don’t waste money on home exercise equipment or costly gym memberships that no one uses.  Trampoline jumping provides a beneficial activity that the whole family can enjoy together.  Some of the advantages to using a trampoline are:

  1. Accentuated development of your  upper and lower body strength with minimal effort.
  2. Expands your lung capacity, breathing ability, and aerobic (how your heart functions) capacity.
  3. Works all your core muscles at once
  4. Show a marked reduction in stress
  5. Signifigantly Improves your balance and overall coordination.
  6. Improves physical stamina
  7. Causes minmal strain on your joints
  8. Is approved for all ages
  9. Provides an activity that families can enjoy together
  10. Is way more fun that most types of exercise

All around the country health conscious entrepreneurs have invested in trampoline parks to encourage people to join the health revolution.  Trampoline parks are the perfect way to get together with family and friends for a fun filled day of healthy exercise.  You are indoors, so the weather doesn’t matter, and because it is a group activity, times flies while you exercise!  Besides bouncing, you can easily learn acrobatics, work on your balance for other sports, or even play dodge ball while bouncing your way to a healthier you!