4 Things You Can Do to Be Kind to Your Joints

As you get older, your joints can start to tell you – sometimes daily – to take it easy. It might not be age, though; it might be an old injury from sports or from exertion that’s holding you back. Our joints can make or break a good day, so we should strive to take care of them every day. While damage to our cartilage is permanent, there are things we can do to slow down joint damage that can result in chronic pain. 

Low-Impact Workouts

If you’re not comfortable with switching your current high-impact workout routine entirely to low-impact activities, sub out half of your workout and you’ll notice a difference. Low-impact workouts like jumping on a trampoline are so much easier on your joints than high-impact trips on the treadmill or jogs around the block. Don’t even get us started on the impact of contact sports like football on your joints. 

Jumping on a trampoline might not seem like a low-impact sport, but the logistics of the trampoline’s spring and support actually does help make it a low-impact workout. You can burn more than 1,000 calories during one hour of jumping, too! This can mean that you’re not wasting time on a low-impact workout to help your joints that doesn’t also have a high-impact health payoff. 

Taking Supplements

Your doctor can tell you exactly what supplements will work with your current medications and your current health needs. With that said, many doctors will prescribe supplements for folks who are worried about joint health or those who have joint pain.

Supplements like green tea and omega-3 can help reduce swelling and keep joint pain at bay. Some doctors even encourage patients to take glucosamine, as it’s a natural part of cartilage and may help overall joint health. 

Icing Sore Muscles and Joints

Putting ice on sore muscles and joints after a workout is also a great way to keep your joints healthy. Applying ice will help with any workout-related swelling that puts pressure on joints. This technique is used by athletes in many different fields.

Watching Your Weight

Excess weight gain and fluctuating weight isn’t good for your joints in general. Extra weight applies more pressure to your joints and will make the cartilage wear out faster. As cartilage is found between many of the bones that help you move, excess weight gain can be a vicious cycle if you’re not careful. The more weight you put on, the harder it is to work out – which makes it harder to work out and lose weight. 

Keep an eye on your waistline for your overall health but especially to take care of your joints. 

Your Joint Health Will Thank You for Jumping

Jumping on a trampoline is a great way to take care of your joints and your health. Dash into Hangar Trampoline Park in Riverside, California, today to get a membership or even a single jump pass. Try it out. Your joints will thank you for jumping.