4 Ways to Stay Fit When You Work at Home

Keeping up with a fitness routine when you work from home can help you stay organized, bring you mental clarity, and (of course) keep your body in good shape. Knowing how to get in a good workout can be tough, though. It can also be hard to get up the energy to leave the house just for a workout when you have a 0-minute commute from your bed to work. 

With that being said, working out while working from home is still important. Here are a few ways to stay fit to inspire and motivate you to get out of the house for a workout. 

Trampoline Jumping

Did you know jumping on a trampoline for one hour or more can burn more than 1,000 calories? That’s almost an entire day’s worth of caloric intake if you follow the 1,200 calories per day guidelines. So, jumping is a great way to get in a workout. It’s also a great stress reliever and can get you in touch with the creative parts of your brain that might be dormant during a long workday. 

At Hangar Trampoline Parks, we have affordable memberships available that allow patrons to enjoy several jump sessions per week. Coming in 2-3 times per week could make up the bulk of your fitness routine if you wanted it to.

In addition to burning so many calories, jump sessions are also great low-impact workouts. You can jump for hours and not put as much stress on your joints as treadmill workouts can cause. 

If you want to mix in a social element, which can be hard to maintain when you work from home, come to a special event. Hangar Trampoline Parks often hosts special event nights where people are encouraged to mix and mingle.

Running and Jogging

Going for a quick run outdoors is a great way to soak up vitamin D and work out. You could run through your neighborhood or a favorite running path. Be sure that you run in a well-lit area if you decide to run or jog after dark.

Long Walks

Walking is a great way to get in exercise if you work at home in a very sedate career. Take multiple short walks per day or try a few longer walks at strategic times in your day. Maybe your day starts with a long walk and you get to enjoy the sunrise. Or maybe your day could end with a long walk and you can enjoy the sunset.

Body-Weight Workout

Using items around your home and using your body-weight as an exercise routine is a great way to stay in shape. If you can do planks, push-ups, and sit-ups, you’re well on the way to making sure your body is in good shape. You could easily carve out a block of time to work out, or you could do small sets of exercises between meetings and phone calls. 

You could also make it into a fun game: for every time someone says they’ll “circle back” on something or need to “connect offline with you,” you could add a set of push-ups to your routine for the day.

Enjoy Hangar Trampoline Parks Membership Packages

Our individual membership packages are $49 per month and offer two hours of jump time every day for the whole month. You can conveniently schedule your own sessions during the day. Want a quiet workout? Try to time your workouts during weekdays when school is in session. You’ll get in a workout and feel great afterward!