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5 Indoor Activities for Teens

There are a lot of ways to keep your teen occupied when you have to stay indoors. The weather, pollution levels, and all other kinds of factors might inhibit outside play. Avoid extra-angsty teenagers in your house by making sure they have plenty of options for indoor fun. You might have to let them think it’s their own idea, but these activities are sure to give them a good time when they have to stay inside. 

Trampoline Park

A trampoline park is a fantastic place to get out the wiggles, no matter what age they are. It’s a great workout, too. Let them work off some of that energy while having a fun time. You might even be an extra-loved parent if you suggest that their friends might come along with them as well. There’s a lot of fun to be had, and shared memories are important to teenagers in general. Trampoline jumping is a safe and fun way for them to connect with their friends and family.

Indoor Arcades

Sending teens to an arcade with a roll of quarters has been a popular indoor activity since the first arcade opened. They can spend time with their friends laughing and joking, but also developing hand-eye coordination through arcade games. It’s also fun to foster a little friendly competition during gameplay. Teaching your child how to show good sportsmanship isn’t relinquished solely to the sports field.

Crafting Classes

Taking a local craft class might be a good way to occupy your teen’s time. If they show an interest in fiber art, maybe try a sewing class. Budding baker? Maybe try a cupcake decorating class. Whatever the craft is, spending an afternoon at a class might be the way to keep your teen entertained and engaged. 

Library Club Meetings

Many local libraries host meetups for people with similar interests. In particular, there are usually programs focused on different teenage activities and book genres. There might be a manga club meeting at your local library or a murder mystery party that the library staff organized to be teen-friendly.


If you’re a teenager who’s interested in making beautiful things with your own hands, you might want to try knitting. Once you have the basic stitches down, you can make just about anything with practice. It’s a great pastime to do inactively while you watch TV or listen to a podcast. 

Visit Hangar Trampoline Parks

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