6 Jump Tricks that are Great Bodyweight Cardio Exercises

Spending time on a trampoline is great exercise and can also be a wonderful way to connect with your kids. But did you also know that you can get in a fair amount of cardio if you jump on a trampoline? These jumps and tricks are all fairly basic and should be easy for beginners to master in almost no time at all. 

Using a trampoline park jump session is a great idea for trying out these new tricks to get in your cardio session. Having a full room of trampolines will only increase your ability to have a great time in addition to increasing your workout minutes.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are your run-of-the-mill cardio workout tricks. You start with your arms tucked down next to you and your legs together. Get some momentum on the trampoline and jump up while spreading your arms and legs in the air. Make sure your arms and legs are glued back down together when you land. Your arms should be back down by your sides and your legs will be back together on the trampoline surface. 

If you want to really get into it, bring your friends for a jump session and see who can do the most jumping jacks! This is where a trampoline park really comes in handy because you can all jump at the same time instead of taking turns on a single trampoline or a backyard trampoline. 

The Tuck

This trick is as easy as jumping up and drawing your legs up towards your chest! This will give you more upward momentum so you’ll go higher in the air than with a regular jump. You’ll also get in a good leg workout, trying to draw your legs up quickly. That’s the clincher part of this trick: you have to draw your legs up quickly and get them back down quickly for your landing. 

Twin Jumpers

Grab a partner and jump together for this trampoline trick! If you alternate jumping, you’ll get a boost from the other jumper’s inertia. You’ll also have to work just a little harder to get your jump up and back down. You’ll be working your arms, legs, and lungs just a little harder. It will add up to a great workout after an hour-long jump session or more!


Handsprings are a good way to get your body weight to help you complete a trick. Use the palms of your hands thrust out in front of you to complete this trick. Put your hands out in front of you and then moving forward use your hands to support the weight of your body over your head and then bring them up as your feet hit the surface of the trampoline. 

Once you can get a front handspring down, back handsprings are just as easy. They’re the same logistics, just going backward. 


Use your full body in this trick. You start with a normal jump, just up and down. You can add in a tuck to make it look clean. Jump up, tuck and then roll your legs up over your head for a full roll then bring them back down for your landing. This is a great trick to use all of your muscle groups. 


Doing a front flip and back flip is similar to a somersault. You use your body’s weight to flip over itself in both of these tricks. A front flip is using that body weight to flip over, and a back flip is using your body weight to flip backward. The main difference is that a somersault is completed fully in midair and you land on your feet. When you’re trying to do a flip, you’ll land on your back or on your bottom. 

Practice Tricks at a Trampoline Park!

Find your local trampoline park and try out these tricks today for a good cardio workout. If you’re in Riverside, California, Hangar Trampolines is the place for you to try out these tricks and more. In addition to membership packages that will save you a bundle, we also host birthday parties and more!