6 Things You Didn’t Know About Trampolines

Have you ever stopped jumping long enough to wonder about the origins of trampolines? We wondered and researched and are very proud to present the answers to some of our most burning questions about our favorite exercise equipment, the trampoline.

What are trampolines made out of?

Most trampolines, both those built for fun and those built for competitions, are made out of super stretchy and bouncy material that’s usually waterproof. The spring comes from steel coils around the outside of the fabric.

There are a lot of shapes and sizes of trampolines, but some of the most fun comes from the kind that you can get several people on at once. There are more than a dozen trampolines linked together at trampoline parks like ours.

When did trampoline parks get so popular?

During the 1950s there were “jump centers” at gas stations around the United States. These were trampolines that were erected at gas stations so that children could get out and go bounce around for a while to break up long trips in the car. This just goes to show what we at Hangar Trampoline Park already know – jumping is a great workout and is incredibly fun.

So what are the benefits of jumping?

If you look at overall health benefits, jumping on a trampoline is a great source of cardio. One hour of jumping can burn more than 1,000 calories. Jumping is also good for your muscle tone and your joints.

Who invented the trampoline?

George Nissen invented the trampoline in the 1930s to help him train for his gymnastic routines. He and his coach would go on to market trampolines both large and small for decades. Nissen is said to have jumped right up until he died in 2010.

So who uses trampolines?

There are so many people who use trampolines. Average folks can enjoy trampolines like those at Hangar Trampoline Park. In 2000, trampolining became an Olympic sport, so there are hundreds of professional athletes who also spend a lot of time jumping.

When is National Trampoline Park Day?

National Trampoline Park Day occurs annually on January 25. This is a day to support your local trampoline park with a membership or a day full of jumping. Enjoy all the benefits of your trampoline park, and you’ll get in a good workout and also feel great.

Many trampoline parks offer memberships, event coordination, special attractions within the park, and more. Hangar Trampoline Park is a home away from home for many kids and adults who love spending time on a trampoline. To inquire about membership or test out your jump skills, don’t hesitate to call (951) 999-4924