All Treats No Tricks: Safe Halloween Alternatives for New Parents

It’s not just the Halloween costumes that spook parents this time of year. While kids enjoy their sugary treats without a care in the world, parents worry about their safety. Your concern is perfectly natural. According to a study by Safe Kids USA, children are more than twice as prone to car-induced injuries on Halloween night than any other time of the year. Don’t you wish there were ways to let your kids enjoy Halloween while keeping them out of harm’s way?

Well, you’re in for quite a treat! Check out these suggestions below for a fun and safe Halloween experience. And no, we promise this isn’t a trick.

Keep it at Home

Odds are you’re not the only parent on the block worried about their children’s safety. Join forces with other neighborhood parents to throw a backyard trick-or-treating event! The whole family will have a good time while everyone works together to keep toddlers and small children in a controlled environment.

Play themed party games, like pin the face on the Jack-o-Lantern, or organize a candy hunt. Set up a crafts section with pumpkin decorating and face painting.

Get Crafty

Sweets are part of any holiday celebration. Cookie baking and decorating will keep kids safe at home while carrying on the tradition. Opting for baked goods instead of candy encourages creativity while keeping little ones occupied. Children of all ages enjoy this activity, especially when it comes to eating these delicious decorations.

Find a Safe Trick-Or-Treating Zone

Many cities and suburbs dedicate certain areas for trick-or-treating. Some towns will even close off blocks and dedicate them as Kid Safe Zones to eliminate the risk of traffic accidents. Check out local malls, parks or farms for safe yet fun areas!

Fun and Safe Family Activities.

There are plenty of other safe options to keep you indoors without sacrificing the spirit of Halloween. Community centers often offer wholesome family experiences. Hangar Trampoline Park celebrates Halloween all month long. Kids that jump in costume receive a TREAT BAG and FREE 2nd hour! It’s a great way to host a fun and safe Halloween experience while giving your kids a chance to work off that sugar high.

These suggestions ensure that your young ghouls and ghoulettes don’t miss out on any holiday fun and stay safe.