A Business Meeting With Bounce

We have seen quite a drastic change in the expectations many people have for their employers over the last few years. The original attitudes held by previous generations have shifted towards expectations of not only better wages but a better work experience as a whole. And while it may be easy to dismiss things like on-site sushi chefs or nap rooms, the shift towards higher expectations is very real and felt throughout every industry.

Though it is not necessary to factor in an omelet station into your business’s budget, there are a few things you could do to make your company more appealing to prospective talent while having a little fun with everyone in the office.

Redefine Your Companys Meetings

You would be a little hard pressed to find a person willing to describe business meetings as fun, let alone exciting. But your weekly meetings present the perfect opportunity to inject a little more fun into your work week while coming together as a team.

You can join the growing number of companies who have decided to do away with the PowerPoint presentations and conference sign in sheets in favor of a unique take on your standard meeting.

Instead of choosing to hold your weekly round up in the same office every week, take your team outside. What could be better than a budget meeting that ends in laser tag or a pickup game of trampoline basketball?

By shaking things a little bit, you and your team can tackle your weekly goals with a renewed sense of excitement for your job and work. As we spend a significant portion of our lives with our colleagues and co-workers, it pays to allot a few of those hours for growing together as a team while having some fun.

Not Your Average Company Picnic

Company picnics tend to receive a bad reputation, though it may be safe to say they have earned it a little bit. And while overcooked hotdogs and hamburgers served outside must certainly have its fans, a day spent laughing with colleagues and trying backflips certainly sounds a bit more appealing.

Your company picnic or outing allows you the opportunity to show your appreciate for the people that put in hard work every day, why not make it a bit more special and make this year’s company outing one worth talking about next year?

Bounce On Over To Business Done Better

So if you are ready to do your next business meeting or company picnic a little differently this year, let us help you plan the perfect get together. Gather your Troops and join us for a day spent bouncing, laughing, and most importantly enjoying your day at work.

At Hangar Trampoline Parks having a good time is what we stand for, and sometimes backflip for as well, so if you would like to make your next business meeting something with a little more bounce in it, come join us for a business meeting done our way.