09 January 2019

Creative and Healthy School Fundraiser Ideas

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Historically, fundraisers have been synonymous with sugar. Bake sales, cookie dough, and dozens of donuts were sold each year to

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28 November 2018

Five Ways to Maintain Your Health During Flu Season

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The season of viruses is quickly approaching, and we all hope to be spared. While you can’t prevent exposure to

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17 October 2018

Birthday Parties for Kids: Drop Off or Stay?

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While some situations are clear, deciding when to drop your child off at a birthday party isn’t always an obvious

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10 October 2018

Exercise for Mental Health: Bounce Your Blues Away

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When it comes to mental health, exercise is a key component of self-care. There are so many mental health benefits

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26 September 2018

Four Reasons Adults Love Trampolines Too

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Sometimes people get the idea that trampolines are just for kids. And sure, they’re tons of fun for the smaller

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12 September 2018

Four Tips for Trampoline Safety

By Hangar Trampoline In Blog , trampoline safety

Few things are more fun than flying through the air with your friends. Trampoline parks are a popular and ever-increasing

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05 September 2018

How Bouncing on a Trampoline Helps Your Child In School

By Hangar Trampoline In Blog , child exercise , health benefits , trampoline park

For many kids, the biggest challenge in school is the need to stay calm, still, and focused for so many

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22 August 2018

The Importance of Play in Community Well-being

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There are many indications of a healthy community. Diversity, friendliness, and thriving local businesses are all good signs that a

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15 August 2018

Six Reasons to Visit Hangar Trampoline Park This Week

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It’s official, school is back in session, and we’ve said goodbye to summer once again. Transitions are never easy, especially

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08 August 2018

Ten Things You Probably Don’t Know About Trampolines

By Hangar Trampoline In Blog , Fun , trampoline fun , trampoline history

Trampolines have been around for a long time. They’re a beloved way to exercise and have fun. But they also

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