Children’s Birthday Party Etiquette to Remember

Whether you’re hosting or have a child attending a children’s birthday party at a trampoline park, it’s important to understand the rules. If you’re wondering what the rules might be, it’s trampoline park birthday party etiquette. Understand what’s expected of you and your child at the park before you’re there. Here are three birthday party etiquette rules to remember. 

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

There are a few factors that can help you understand as a parent whether you should stay with your child or drop them off at the party. Consider the children’s age, the venue, and your child’s temperament. Young preschool-age children often require several adults to be at the party. While there is a party specialist to assist the host at all parties at Hangar Trampoline Park, you might still have to supervise your child. 

Think about how you’d feel if the roles were reversed and you were the parent hosting the party. Ultimately, you know your child best. Always remember to review basic birthday party etiquette with your child before they attend a party. That includes reminding them to be kind and respectful to everyone while still having fun safely. 

Gift-Giving Birthday Party Etiquette

One of the biggest questions parents ask themselves before a children’s birthday party is how much should they spend on the gift? Of course, many things can factor into this decision, but there is some basic etiquette to solve this common question. 

Understand your budget, yours or your child’s relationship to the birthday boy or girl, and the host parents’ preference. Because gifts are more like symbols, your own budget and family’s relationship to the child is the best gauge. If you’re still unclear how much to spend, you can always ask!

Birthday Party Food Etiquette

The etiquette around food at a children’s birthday party is a little bit simpler. Food is pretty much a guarantee at most birthday parties, so you can expect your child to be fed. Remember to tell the host, or ask if you are the host, if your child has any dietary restrictions well before the party. At Hangar Trampoline Park, we provide food with event packages, so our packages are full-service. 

Now that you have a better understanding of children’s birthday party etiquette, you know your child can enjoy a birthday at Hangar Trampoline Park! A birthday party at Hangar can be customized for your budget and needs with all of our event packages. To learn more, visit or call Hangar in Riverside today.