Choose a Trampoline Park for Your Next Group Outing

Event planning can be intensely stressful. The details add up quickly and time seems to fly by before you can get everything done. It’s time to think outside the box for your next big event. Why not take advantage of the crazy fun available at your local trampoline park? We don’t just cater to young rambunctious kids; we provide great experiences for all. You can plan your next group outing or team building event at our fun location. 

What Kind of Group Outings Are We Talking About?

Of course, birthday parties are our specialty, but we also host them for guests of every age. In addition to this, we also host a college night and Club Hanger every week. However, we don’t stop at the events that everyone expects. What other kinds of group outings do we help plan and accomplish? Here are few ideas for you:  

  • Church functions and youth groups: Bring your middle and high school youth group to bounce around for a few hours away. It’s a great bonding time for groups who are ready for more than just pizza and movies.
  • Scout troops: Want to celebrate selling lots of cookies or popcorn? What about wrapping up a camping trip with a big bang? A trampoline park is a perfect place for a fantastic celebration!
  • Sororities and fraternities: Socials can be far more than just music and food. Bring your college groups to the trampoline park for friendly competition and big laughs.
  • Sports teams: Wrapping up the season, building trust among teammates, or celebrating a big win are all great reasons to come jump with us!
  • School functions or field trips: If your students are tired of the same old playground or play place, a trampoline park is an ideal way to spice up that educational outing. Bring your homeschooling group or afterschool club to jump and you’ll be glad you did!

Plan Your Next Fundraiser at a Trampoline Park

Are you trying to raise money for a group or cause but can’t come up with something enticing enough to make you money? Contact us at Hangar Trampoline Parks to set up a fundraising jump event! We’ll help you with all the details and you’ll be well on your way to your funding goals.

Host a Corporate Event

Whether you’re preparing for a product launch, trying to finish up a big project, or celebrating a successful quarter, bring your employees to Hangar trampoline park for a memorable experience. Get the work done, and then help your team destress by providing them the chance to use wall-to-wall trampolines, trick pits, and a basketball slam dunk arena! Did you know that research has shown activity helps our brains retain information? Jumping between meetings may be just the ticket to an effective company retreat.

What Are the Benefits?

Instead of worrying for days about details, let us do what we do best. We’re centrally located in Riverside, California, directly across 215 from Moreno Valley Mall, making us easy to find. We have plenty of parking and space for your group. Any size group is welcome! We have different event packages to fit your time and budget needs. We offer menus for both pizza and Chick-fil-a. Also, if there are specific dietary needs among your guests we can work with those too.

Now is the time to plan your next group outing. Best of all, there are no hidden costs in our group deals. We provide the invites, all you need to do is send them. Boredom is definitely not on the agenda. Parties at Hangar are full of fun, action, and laughter. In short, you choose us and we do the rest. If you’re ready to jump in and host the event of the year, you can call us now at 951-682-JUMP or check our website for more details on booking a party, group events, or corporate events. We’ll see you soon!