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There are hundreds of reasons why planning corporate events is a good idea for your team. Day-to-day tasks and activities can create stress and it can boost inter-office morale in just a short afternoon.

Did you know
that companies
with engaged
and happy
employees generate
nearly DOUBLE the
revenues of companies
who do not invest in

In fact, nearly 80% of employees state they are stressed out in their jobs and cite their workplace environment as the culprit. It could be for many different reasons such as their boss takes all the credit for their work, politics within the workplace, unrealistic expectations from upper management, or misaligned visions and values.

Studies have found however, that corporations who invest in their employees outside of the workplace; whether it be for an off-site picnic or a day dedicated to team building, promotes positive morale outside normal business hours.

So take a look at your team- could it be time to take a break and provide your employees an opportunity to really get to know each other? Could a team building day be the ticket you need for greater productivity around the office?
At Hangar Trampoline Parks, we work with corporations, businesses and companies of all sizes. Located in Riverside, California, we are conveniently located off 215 directly adjacent Moreno Valley Mall. If you are interested in learning more about planning your next corporate event, please give us a call at

How to Plan and
Execute a Memorable
Corporate Event

In order to plan a memorable and effective corporate event, we have learned a few best practices from organizations who host their events with us.

Identify the
goal of the

What are you trying to achieve? Do you have a new product launch coming out, or an aggressive deadline to hit? Or, could this be an opportunity to align team’s initiatives for the upcoming months?

Whatever the goal, identify that upfront; before you start reaching out to a particular venue. Also identify your agenda, and find a venue that can help support your scheduling goals.

Choose an
event space
that can support
your organization

Have a large team or organization? You need to make sure the venue can comfortably support those individuals with ample space to move, network and of course park! Easy accessibility for all parties can be a plus as well.

with the group

Although your corporate event is a serious affair, make sure to pick a venue that can offer a well-rounded experience.
Did you know when people attend a training program chocked full with slides and PowerPoints, they barely retain 20% of the information.

However, if you take that information and combine it with activity, employees will retain upwards of 90% of the information presented.

At Hangar Trampoline Parks, you will not have to worry about anyone on your team being bored. With wall-to-wall trampolines, trick pits and a basketball slam dunk arena, we put the fun in ALL of our corporate events.

Develop a marketing
campaign to promote
awareness to your

Once you have the agenda set, a venue picked and a program that marries function with fun, make sure you promote it internally! Even if the event is required for everyone to attend, now is the time to get everyone pumped and excited about this specific event.

At Hangar Trampoline Parks, we provide custom marketing invitations that you can utilize to start spreading the word. Equipped with pertinent information about location, directions and the venue, your marketing team can fill out any other necessary details.

Ready to Plan
your next Corporate
Event? Choose
Hangar Trampoline Parks

If you are ready to switch up your corporate event routine and give your employees memories to talk about for years to come, then give Hangar Trampoline Parks a call.

Conveniently located in Riverside, California, directly across 215 from Moreno Valley Mall, we are excited to learn more about your next corporate event! One of the largest event venues in town, we offer action-packed arenas that will foster team-building, get their heart rate pumping and inspire employee loyalty to your organization.

If you are interested in planning your kid’s next party at Hangar Trampoline Parks, speak to one of our specialized party planners to get your planning started.