Creative and Healthy School Fundraiser Ideas

Historically, fundraisers have been synonymous with sugar. Bake sales, cookie dough, and dozens of donuts were sold each year to raise money for education. Today, with the rise in health-consciousness in many communities, schools are eschewing the sugar-based programs of the past. However, schools still need to raise funds and are often at a loss for health-friendly options. Today we will look at four healthy school fundraiser ideas that will bring great returns while also supporting the health and wellness of the community.

Silent Auction

Silent auctions take a good deal of planning for execution, but they are effective and profitable fundraisers. Often, local businesses are glad to donate substantial items to support schools in the area. Additionally, the diversity of auction items encourages a broader audience to participate in the fundraiser. In this sense, an auction is healthy because it includes less junk food, but also because it brings the community together.

Fun Run

Obviously, an athletic event is a must in a list of healthy school fundraiser ideas. Similar to a silent auction, a fun run or 5K brings a different and diverse group together to support local schools. Again, this model of fundraising requires a good deal of planning, but it typically raises a large amount of funds. Local businesses are frequently willing to sponsor or participate in running these events, which involves even more of the community.

Admission or Event Tickets

For a fundraiser that includes less overhead and planning, look for events or businesses that will give you a special rate for admission or tickets. This could include concerts, bowling, museums, zoos and aquariums, or (our personal favorite) trampoline parks. Students have the opportunity to sell these tickets to friends, neighbors, and family members with part of the proceeds going right back to the school.

Subscription Services

While not a new idea, magazine and newspaper subscriptions have long been a favorite school fundraiser. No sugar or calories to worry about here! And a subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. Many magazine fundraisers offer a wide variety of publications, meaning that there is something for everyone. If your school wants to stick with something tried and true, this may be a great choice.

In an era of health consciousness and decreasing school funding, it can be difficult to find the right way to effectively fundraise in your community. These four healthy school fundraiser ideas are great to help any PTO raise funds while having fun. Be sure to stop in Hangar Trampoline Park to learn more about our fundraising opportunities, both for school and other organizations!