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Drop Traditional Exercise: Why You Need to Start Bouncing

Bouncing is fun for the whole family and is also a great way to burn double the calories. Trampoline fitness can help you get to your goal faster than the boring workouts at the gym. Try replacing that traditional gym routine of yours and bounce yourself into shape. There are many benefits to going to Hangar Trampoline Park for your daily workout rather than the gym you’re dreading to go to. Don’t waste money on something you hate doing when there are alternatives you will love.

Burn More Calories with Trampoline Fitness

Comparing a regular workout to bouncing may sway you to switch fitness routines. The average person whose routine contains thirty minutes of weight lifting and thirty minutes of cardio will burn between 200 and 400 calories. After an hour of bouncing, a person can burn more than 600 calories. Bouncing is low-impact which means it is easier on your body and provides a shorter recovery time. It has a lot of the same benefits as swimming. The disadvantage to swimming, though, is that unless you have an indoor or heated pool, it is a seasonal activity. You can go to the trampoline park all year round.

Save Extra Money

A gym can be extremely expensive. A membership at Hangar Trampoline Park is $40 a month with a one-time $15 startup fee. For your safety, you do have to wear a specific kind of socks which cost $3. Good news though, you only must buy them once if you bring them with you every time. A membership at a gym, on average, is between $40 and $50 a month. That is before the monthly fees which can add hundreds on top of your annual total. With all the money you’re saving, you can pay for an extra person to join you every time. If you are a parent you don’t have to worry about childcare or leaving them at home alone. They can come enjoy the fun burning calories with you. At a gym, childcare can be expensive and wasted money if they only go with you a few times a month.

Go with Friends and Family

Hangar Trampoline Park also has great deals. On Wednesdays, they have “Hangar Hour” and Thursdays they have College Night. at specific times during these days, prices are discounted to $7 and $8 an hour. This is a great opportunity for young adults to get together and bounce out their daily stress. These group events provide easy planning for any kind of party or enrichment. That is great motivation for an office, a family, or a bored workout group to get together and have a ton of fun exercising.

Try bouncing instead of doing your traditional workout and see you how you like it. Go to Hangar Trampoline Park today. We are located at 2125 Day St. Riverside, CA 92557. If you need our hours or further information, call us at 951-682-JUMP (5867). Don’t forget to like and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for holiday hours and any new deals.