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Family Boredom Busters for Rainy Days

When nasty weather threatens your family’s outdoor plans, it can be difficult to think of fun alternatives. Next time this happens to you, don’t just head home to do chores and play video games. Instead, try these family boredom busters that will keep you connected, make memories, and give you the togetherness you’re looking for.


While the old standbys of Monopoly and Clue are usually a win, don’t limit yourself to games you’ve played dozens of times. The internet has countless resources to learn new card games that only require a standard deck of playing cards. Or go the dramatic route and play charades. Alternatively, if you have some time to set things up, it can be fun to stage a mystery or scavenger hunt. These can be played at home or in a public space like a shopping mall or museum. Smartphones allow you to take photos of the clues you find, and an agreed-upon rendezvous point will bring you back together at the game’s conclusion.

Get Active

Few things can rival outdoor activities, but there are some great indoor ideas that get you moving and are also loads of fun. Rock-climbing clubs have lots of walls for all levels of experience and will rent you the equipment for a day. Roller skating and bowling are family favorites from years gone by and still create great memories. Or, for an even more affordable and diverse option, check out a trampoline park. With loads of jumping surfaces and games as well as trick pits and more, Hangar Trampoline Park is a popular spot for families looking for boredom busters on rainy days.

Be Creative

Another way to spend family time when the weather keeps you indoors is creating something together. This may mean a larger project, like painting a room or building something. Or it could mean you make your own project while spending time together. Painting, sculpting, drawing, yarn crafts, or even building something with Legos can be great activities to keep your hands busy while you swap stories or enjoy a movie together.

With winter fast approaching, the weather is likely to cooperate less than normal. While we don’t expect any blizzards here in the Moreno Valley, the rain and cooler temps are enough to keep us indoors. When the damp changes your plans, keep these simple but memorable boredom busters in mind. Who knows, you may even put them in your regular rotation for family time! Looking for the best deal in town on indoor activities? Be sure to check out our family memberships at Hangar Trampoline Parks, where members jump for free daily.