Family New Year’s Resolutions for Better Health

The start of a new year inspires many people to dream big and make plans for the future. Included in those dreams are resolutions of all sorts. Diets, vacation, budgets, and goals appear in many homes in the hopes of creating order and success. Some families make resolutions together, to build connectedness through accomplishment. If your family is joining the masses and looking for ways to be healthier this new year, here are a few suggestions on how to make that goal a reality.

Eat Better

It probably goes without saying, but your health is inextricably tied to what you eat. At the same time, you don’t have to go on an extreme diet or ditch all your favorite foods to make better food choices. Start small and you are much more likely to be successful. With that in mind, look for ways to add more vegetables to your diet. Also, begin trading your regular snacks for foods that are less processed and lower in sugar. Or ditch the snacks altogether! Eating better is a matter of small choices made over time, so don’t throw your whole family onto a fad diet and cross your fingers. Instead, look for changes you can make that will accumulate to help your long-term health.

Stay Active

Another great boost for your family new year’s resolutions is a commitment to keep moving. Find activities that your family loves and make them a priority. Getting a family membership to Hangar Trampoline Park is a great example. With free daily jump time for all members, you’ll easily reach your goal of regular activity together. Also, look for unexpected ways to be active together. It doesn’t have to be formal or expensive. Walks after dinner, taking your bikes to a park, or some backyard baseball are all excellent options.

Spend Time Together

While family time may not immediately translate into lower cholesterol or stronger muscles, research shows that people with strong relational bonds are typically healthier than those without. So this year, while you are cleaning up your diet and staying active, remember to prioritize building your emotional health as well. Find time to play games, go on adventures, and share stories. The more connected you are, the more prepared you are for whatever comes.

Find Ways to Give

Another way to increase your overall health is to find ways to give to others. This year, include generosity in your family new year’s resolutions. While this will look different for every family, consider volunteering at local charities, visiting the elderly, or cleaning up your local parks. When you give back to your community together, you grow closer to one another and develop an important sense of purpose.

As each new year rolls around, millions of people vow to better themselves and the world in a variety of ways. If your family new year’s resolutions include better health and wellness, choose small but meaningful steps for a sustainable path. And if you are planning on lots of fun in 2019, don’t forget to include Hangar Trampoline Park on your calendar!