Fitness Can Be Fun and Safe

There have been many fads in fitness. Some have been healthier and safer than others. Depending on your health needs, this can be understandably distressing. Most of the time you only realize how much something hurts after you’ve done it and then it’s too late. How do you choose a fitness activity that burns calories, is fun, and safe all at the same time? At Hangar Trampoline Parks, we have calorie torching fun that’s safe and never boring.

Not Your Ordinary Gym

Maybe you’re starting to think about what you can do to combat the holiday weight you might inevitably gain. But why think so negatively about something that should inspire joy. With Hangar Trampoline Parks, you can fit in an hour of blood pumping cardio and torch just as many calories or even more than an ordinary gym. And you don’t have to go to the packed gym where everyone else will be sweating over the elliptical and the treadmills. You won’t have to listen to televisions turned on to the news or cooking shows. What’s the point in a cooking show being on at the gym, anyway? At Hangar Trampoline Parks you can bounce and soar to your rhythm without sneaking a peak at your neighbor’s progress and beating yourself up over what you’re not burning.

Zumba Class Can Samba Away

It doesn’t matter that Zumba is still a fitness fad. All that stepping and clapping on time is so group think. Besides, jumping on a hard surface is considered high impact. However, Hangar Trampoline Parks’ low impact cardio torches just as many calories as an intense Zumba class. Enjoy the fitness without the disapproving glances when you’re just a little bit off the timing. When it comes to cost, Zumba is often considered expensive, and if you miss a class you feel more than a little bad about it. An Open Jump Pass from Hangar Trampoline Parks is only $14.00 (plus the one-time cost of socks), and allows you to jump according to your schedule. Don’t feel guilty about missing a class, anymore.

Fitting Fitness into Something Else

Like others, you don’t have time to take an hour out of your day to jump. That’s okay! Hangar Trampoline Parks works to make fitness fun and social. Moreover, our deals make your jump time less about exercise, and more about socializing. Double duty? You bet. Is it time for you and the other Veterans to get together? With a valid Military ID, you receive 10% off all jump passes. Because parents deserve to jump too, during Toddler Time on Fridays you can jump free; all you pay for are socks. Maybe it’s time for an escape from campus. College Night offers a reduced cost of jump time on Thursday nights, all you need is a college ID. Lastly, on the last Friday of each month, ClubHangar offers 3 hours of jump for $20, plus the cost of socks. We make fitness easy and cost effective.


At Hangar Trampoline Park we make fitness a priority, and safety is top notch. With plenty of options to turn your workout from drab to fab, you’ll forget how frustrating Zumba can be. Moreover, torching calories on your terms is the way to go.