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Four Things to Do at Hangar Trampoline Park Besides Jump

While thousands of square feet of trampolines may sound like an impressive attraction all on its own, there’s a lot more to do at Hangar Trampoline Park than simply jump! We have wall-to-wall activities and action-packed games to keep you and your friends busy with heart-pumping fun. Here are five awesome activities you could enjoy on your next visit.


While the dodgeball you remember from gym class was plenty of fun, dodgeball at a trampoline park takes the game to a whole new level. Use our trampoline court to flip, tumble, and bounce your way out of the path of your opponents, all while trying to up the score for your team. While you get your fill of fun competition, you’ll also get your blood pumping and score a great workout as well.

Slam Dunk Contest

You may not consider yourself a basketball star, but with the help of a trampoline, who knows? Challenge your friends, your kids, or your date to a contest they won’t forget. With basketball hoops in ideal positions over the trampolines, the sky’s the limit in your dunking possibilities.

10,000 Cube Foam Pit

When you get tired of rebounding and want a new sort of fun, find your way to our 10,000 cube foam pit. In fact, the foam pit is a great family activity since it can accommodate jumpers of all sizes and ability levels. Enjoy launching yourself into the foam with just a freefall, or try some flips and leaps instead.

Trick Pit

Want to push yourself even more and really try some new stunts? The trick pit is for you! Try out that flying leap or big flip you’ve been saving. Because you’re using different skills, it’s a nice break from the big trampolines too!

If you decide to visit a trampoline park for the jumping, you won’t be disappointed. With a sea of jumping space, you’ll be worn out and exhilarated by the time you leave. But if you’re looking for something a little more than jumping, like a way to show off, compete, or try something new, Hangar Trampoline Park is there for you too. Try any one of these five awesome activities, and we promise you’ll make great memories. Better yet, book a party and share the fun while you celebrate a special occasion! You can’t go wrong with an active, exciting event where everyone goes home happy.