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Five Unforgettable Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Why should kids get to have all the fun? If you are planning a birthday party for adults, it’s time to break out of the tired dinner-party mold. Instead, host a party to remember. Here are five birthday party ideas for adults that are sure to be the talk of your friends for years to come.

Game Night

A game night may sound just as tired as a dinner party, but hear us out. Why not make it a retro game night, complete with the favorite games of your childhood? Maybe you can hunt down some classics like Dream Phone and Mall Madness. Or instead, work your way through the classic party games that keep you moving, like Charades and Truth or Dare. A casino night is another favorite, and you can make the stakes as high as you like.

Tasting Party

While wine or cheese are the common choices for a tasting party, there’s no need to stick with the things people expect. Do you have a favorite food or drink? Have a tasting! The less conventional, the better. Why not host a pizza, candy, or mac n cheese tasting? Alternatively, you could choose a more grown-up route of cocktails, coffee, or different liquors. Whatever food or drink you love, invite your guests to experience it with you.

DIY Night

While paint nights are all the rage, there a lot more you can DIY than just paintings. You could invite your guests to bring their own handicraft, whatever it is, and you could work on projects together. If you prefer a more structured agenda, consider hosting your party at an art studio, woodworking shop, or other creative space. When it comes to DIY the sky’s the limit, so if you’d love to try your hand at creating a perfume or a piece of jewelry, go for it!

Get Moving

Few things create better memories than being active and having adventures. If you’re ready for lots of challenges with laughs along the way, plan a party that gets your guests moving. Go hiking, surfing, or skiing. If you need to be indoors, look for opportunities like rock climbing clubs or trampoline parks. At Hangar Trampoline Park, our birthday parties include dodgeball, slam dunk contests, and more. We promise you’ll have some of the best fun of your life.

Make It Mysterious

Another big trend in birthday party ideas for adults is a mystery. Escape rooms have especially caught the public’s eye. But if a puzzling escape doesn’t catch your fancy, there are other ways to create a mysterious evening. For example, host a murder mystery dinner at your home. Each guest is assigned a character and everyone must attempt to discover the murderer in their midst. There are plenty of templates online. Alternatively, create a scavenger hunt. It can be designed for a private home, a bar, or even an entire city. Offer a token prize and then send your guests to conquer the task ahead.

There’s no reason that birthday party ideas for adults have to be boring. In fact, as adults, there are far more exciting and memorable things we can do. If you’re looking for the best birthday party in town, be sure to check out Hangar Trampoline Park. With a dedicated host for every event, we’ll help you take your party from expected to exceptional.