Five Ways to Maintain Your Health During Flu Season

The season of viruses is quickly approaching, and we all hope to be spared. While you can’t prevent exposure to the various germs floating through the air, there are ways to protect yourself from infection. Here are five ways to bolster your immune system and give yourself a better chance to maintain your health throughout the flu season.

Eat Better

While this is easier said than done during the holidays, your diet really does impact your immunity. By ensuring that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, you provide your body with the boost it needs to fight off viruses. At the same time, keep sugar, alcohol, and caffeine to a minimum because they are difficult for the body to process and the stress can lead to illness.

Drink Lots of Water

This is another difficult move during the holidays. Who wants to drink water when you can have eggnog instead? However, by choosing to drink plenty of water each day, you continuously flush out toxins and other contaminants that can lead to sickness. Staying hydrated is a great defense against all sorts of ailments.

Get Enough Sleep

It’s tempting to stay up late and watch just one more episode of your favorite show. This cold and flu season, however, make the choice to sleep more so you can sneeze less. Research has shown that a minimum of seven hours of sleep a night will reduce your body’s inflammation, helping you maintain your health.

Stay Active

Exercise and sleep seem to have a similar influence on sickness. In fact, according to scientific studies on sickness and exercise, there is a direct correlation between more physical activity and lower rates of illness. Aerobic exercise – especially activities that get your blood pumping, such as trampolining or running – seem to have the greatest effect.

Be Happy

Stress is notorious for bringing on illness. Many studies suggest that our mental and physical health are inextricably linked. While no one has complete control over their own circumstances, it seems that choosing to do things that make you happy can also help you stay well. So if you feel down this sick season, take time to meet up with friends and do something fun. It may just keep you from catching a cold.

There are no guarantees when it comes to staying well. Sometimes, no matter what we do, our bodies succumb to an illness. There are ways, however, that we can make our bodies stronger. If you are looking for a way to exercise, have fun with friends, or just get out of the house, don’t forget to add Hangar Trampoline Park to your calendar. With countless ways to have a blast, we’ll get your heart pumping and help you maintain your health.