Four Awesome Reasons to Get a Hangar Membership This Year

A membership to Hangar Trampoline Parks is a worthwhile investment any time of the year. However, right now is an excellent time to buy for many reasons. With 2 hours of daily jump time available to members, here are four awesome reasons to grab a membership as soon as possible.

Great Value

The number one reason to purchase a Hangar membership is the cost savings. Typically, two hours of jumping costs $23. It only takes two visits to pay for your monthly membership. After your second visit, you are saving an additional $23. Those savings add up fast.

Perfect End-of-Year Gifts

Coming into the end of the year means trying to find all of those perfect holiday gifts. If you already have a Hangar membership, you know their great value. Why not share that with your loved ones? You can gift a membership for a customized length of time and make the holiday fun for your kids, your significant other, nieces, nephews, and just about anyone else!

Exercise Without the Gym Fees

Gym memberships are expensive. Additionally, most gyms have basic memberships that require you to pay more and more as you want more time or better equipment. Now contrast that with a Hangar membership, where you can jump 2 hours every day for one low monthly fee. Use it for fun as well as for exercise. For instance, you can meet up with your friends one day and get in a tough workout the next. There’s no extra cost, and you get to use the full range of our excellent equipment.

Indoor Family Fun

With cooler weather on the way, you may find your outdoor activities limited. A Hangar membership allows your family to spend quality time together without braving the cooler temps. For example, spend time with your kids after school or on the weekends, jumping and playing games, rather than being cooped up at home waiting for spring to arrive.

Signing up for a Hangar membership is easy. Simply visit our Riverside location or give us a call at (951) 749-5644. Our memberships provide great value and daily access that will keep you fit through the winter and give you a great space to spend time with family and friends. Interested in more ways to take advantage of Hangar Trampoline Park? Don’t forget that we host birthday parties and group events year round. Call us today to learn more.