Four Indoor Activities for Teens on Rainy Days

It’s the time of year when rainy days are common and often ruin weekend plans. If you are a high schooler or the parent of a teen, this season can be frustrating. There are only so many times that you can watch movies, play video games, and eat pizza before it feels old and stale. Here are some unique activities for teens on rainy days that won’t cost you much or involve much prep.


Most people think of museums as destinations for adults or children, depending on the exhibits. However, teenagers are often great artists and scientists in their own right. A rainy day offers the perfect opportunity for teens to experience something outside their normal lives. There is a wide range of museums in the Riverside area, with exhibits to suit all interests including art, natural history, military aircraft, and architecture.

Scavenger Hunt

This idea is perfect because it can be tailored to your time limits, location, and resources. There are plenty of scavenger hunt lists online, but you can also create your own. Teens can hunt in groups and take photos of found items with cell phones. This is a fun game to play everywhere from private homes to libraries and shopping malls. The first team to find everything on their list wins!

Progressive Meal

While this activity requires transportation throughout, it is otherwise easy and definitely fun. The group chooses a series of locations, either restaurants or private homes, and then moves as a group from one to the next, eating a small amount at each location. By the end of the list, everyone has had a full and diverse meal as well as plenty of time to socialize. This idea works for fast food restaurants, mall food courts, the teens’ own homes, or any other creative idea you can come up with.

Trampoline Park

Plenty of activities for teens on rainy days are expensive, require lots of driving around, or just end up boring. Trampoline parks keep it simple while promising big fun. With by-the-hour rates, you only pay for the time you will use. And with games like Bubble Soccer, slam dunk contests, and dodgeball, you won’t have time or energy to feel bored. Hangar Trampoline Park also has a concessions stand and plenty of seating for hanging out in between jumps. There’s no reason to let the rain keep you from exercise and lots of laughs.

Gloomy, rainy days can be a real bummer when they ruin your plans. But don’t let your inability to skate, hike, or play soccer prevent you from doing something awesome with your friends. There are plenty of fun activities for teens on rainy days. Just call up your friends and make it happen! We look forward to seeing you at Hangar Trampoline Park soon.