Four Ways You Can Get Exercise at a Trampoline Park

There are so many benefits to jumping at a trampoline park, and one of the best benefits is that you can get in a workout while having fun. Here are some ways that you can get in some trampoline park exercise to burn more calories and work more muscle groups.

Just Jumping Is a Workout

Going to a trampoline park and having a basic, one-hour jump workout is the equivalent of three hours of running! So just bringing your jump skills to a trampoline park is already an intense cardio workout.

Try out different jump combinations and moves that will strengthen multiple muscle groups, like handstands and tumblers. Each time you bounce, you’re burning calories.

Who says jumping is all you can do at a trampoline park? You can always work on combining things like pushups, jumping jacks, and other exercises into your jump routine.

Chasing After Your Child Is a Workout

Every parent knows you get in a great workout keeping up with your kids. Try events at trampoline parks like toddler time or other special events where you and your children can bounce and play together.

Another way to work out with your children is pretty simple but incredibly effective. Mimic your child’s bouncing and playing. If they’re up and bouncing, bounce with them for as long as they’ll go. You’ll get in a good workout, but you’ll also be able to try new and fun moves together.

Jump In From Your Regular Workout Routine

Combining a visit to a trampoline park with your regular workout might just be the ticket you need to get out of that plateau. If you regularly run, finish your workout at the trampoline park to help cool down. Zumba or dance cardio might be your calling. If so, use jumping to get warmed up for a class or to break up your schedule and reinvigorate your passion for working out.

Mix It Up

If you’re interested in using jumping to supplement a current workout interest, you can burn a lot of calories. Try jumping for an hour and then going to that taekwondo class you’ve had your eye on for the last six months.

If parkour is something you’re interested in, there’s no better place than to try it than at a trampoline park. Try to develop parkour skills at a trampoline park where you can bounce, roll, and project yourself off of things.

Trampoline park exercise is also great when combined with low-impact sports like yoga and Pilates. Jumping on a trampoline puts less pressure on your joints than higher-impact sports, so pairing it with a low-impact workout will double your workout but still be kind to your body.

Trampoline Park Exercise at Hangar Trampoline Park

Many trampoline parks offer membership passes to make frequent visits affordable, and Hangar Trampoline Park is no exception. Explore our membership options today to find a pass that suits your trampoline park exercise needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call and talk to our incredible staff at (951) 749-5644.