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Group Events

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Try planning a group events for an audience that is not so easy to please.  It is difficult! With Hangar Trampoline Parks you will organize an event that is memorable, fun and won’t break the bank!

Turn to the EXPERTS that plan fun group events! At Hangar Trampoline Parks, we are dedicated to delivering a good time in a safe, fun and hip environment.

Whether it is church function, youth group, sports team, or school function  we handle it all.  Our jumping guests are so impressed with our facility that they turn into repeat jumpers.

Located in Riverside, California, directly across 215 from Moreno Valley Mall, we are easy to find. Equipped with ample parking and plenty of space for your guests, we can service any sized group event.

How to Plan a
Group Event

Put your Plan on paper

First and foremost, you need to make a plan. How many people do you think are attending? Where is a convenient location? What would you like to achieve for the event? Group events can be tricky , so brainstorm ideas that are fun for both adults and kids.

Also, keep in mind your budget. This is very important since many event venues modify and tweak the event to meet any budgetary constrictions.

Find large
enough venue

We Will Accomodate Groups of Any Size


Depending on the amount of people in your group, it is very important to make sure the venue is large enough. You will need to address any logistical concerns, such as parking, etc.

At Hangar Trampoline Parks, we have ample space for groups of any size! Conveniently located off the 215 freeway near the Moreno Valley Mall, we are easy to find and equipped with enough parking for any type of group event.

Identify cuisine

Dietary Restrictions?


Are there any potential attendees in your group that have dietary restrictions? Are you simply tired of the same old buffet that you get from other group event venues?

Make sure you understand the type of cuisine that is offered at each venue, and find out if the venue will accommodate certain dietary requirements.

At Hangar Trampoline Parks, we offer Pizza, but work with your specific needs.

different event

We Will Provide a Full Party Experience!


Based upon the attendance and your budget, choose a venue that offers you a package deal. What is the point if once you arrive at the group event they charge you extra for every little thing?

At Hangar Trampoline Parks, we provide a full party experience- starting from pairing you up with an event concierge to providing each group member with state-of-the art, custom made socks. We offer an action-packed full group experience.

Each package has its own unique benefits. Learn more by calling us at 951-682-JUMP to speak with one of our trained group party organizers.

Ask if packages
include any
free gifts

Include Gifts and Prizes


Speaking of charging you for extras- talk to the venue to find out if they offer any free gifts or prizes for your party guests. If they do, is it included in the package you discussed? In other words, small little prizes or gifts can go a long way in enhancing the experience for your attendees.

Planning a
Group Event?
Choose Hangar
Trampoline Parks

Conveniently located in Riverside, California, directly across 215 from Moreno Valley Mall, we are excited to learn more about your group event! One of the largest event venues in town, we offer action-packed arenas that will not only get your group’s heart rate up, but will foster fun, community and laughter all throughout the event.

So, if you are interested in planning your next Group Event at Hangar Trampoline Parks, call and speak to one of our specialized party planners to get started.