How to Train Your Body Like an Astronaut

Keeping in prime condition is essential for astronauts and should be considered essential for everyone. When astronauts go up in space, they have to have a certain amount of mental and physical stamina that comes from intense training. Here are a few ways you can train like an astronaut. 

Using a Trampoline

Early training included using a trampoline to ready astronauts for the feeling of sub-zero gravity situations. Jumping is also a great way to burn calories and work out major muscle groups. You can work out your arms, lungs, and legs at the same time on a trampoline. 

When the trampoline was invented in 1936, George Nissen made it to use in training for gymnastic competitions. With its roots as workout equipment, it’s no surprise that NASA picked it up as a tool for astronauts to use during training. 

Staying on Track

Astronaut training might seem daunting, but consistency is the key to the training, just like with any other exercise routine. The more you do it, the easier it gets and the stronger you’ll be. Make sure you’re consistent with your workouts, and you should start seeing results. 

Lots of Cardio

Make sure you get in your mileage each day if you want to train like the men and women who go up in space. Ensuring that your lungs are in their best shape is essential to be mission-ready at all times.

This mileage absolutely could be out on the pavement or indoors on a treadmill. As long as you’re getting in a few miles at least a few times a week, you’re well on your way to training like the astronauts do.

Weight Lifting

Being able to lift large amounts of weight before going into space is one way that astronauts stay fit when they’re up there. Many astronauts use strength training to help get into peak heart rate zones and work out all their muscle groups. Working on squats and deadlifts are all great ways to burn energy and work several muscle groups. 


Cycling is a great way to tone and exercise, and the international space station is equipped with a spin machine to help astronauts really get in a good workout. With no gravity, cycling is harder and an even better workout.

You Can Train Like an Astronaut

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