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How Trampolines and Exercise Intersect

If you’ve never thought of the exercise benefits of using a trampoline, you’re missing half the fun! Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can use a visit to a trampoline park as an effective, enjoyable form of exercise.

How Does Jumping Improve Health?

Jumping on a trampoline is the perfect full-body workout. The rhythmic up-and-down motion provides activity for all your bones, joints, and muscles. It’s even been found to increase cell mobility throughout the body.

It Increases Bone Density and Reduces Your Risk of Getting Osteoporosis

More specifically, using a trampoline for exercise does wonders to improve bone health. Regularly rebounding on a trampoline provides more activity for your bones. More activity leads to greater strength–especially when you’re working against gravity. When you jump on a trampoline, your entire body experience a G-force impact that also reduces your risk of bone loss through osteoporosis.

Jumping Enhances Your Immune System

The increase of G-force mentioned above also pays dividends when it comes to your immune health. This happens because G-force increases the ability of your white blood cells to generate illness-fighting properties. By using a trampoline for exercise, you are also reducing the chances that you’ll get sick–especially during cold and flu season!

Exercise Improves Digestion

The rhythmic up-and-down process of rebounding on a trampoline has also been found to improve digestion. This happens by causing the muscles in your digestive tract to expand and retract more rapidly than when you’re in a resting position. The added motion additionally helps to move nutrients through your body, making it less likely that you’ll be constipated.

Jumping Exercise Improves Balance and Coordination

If you’re looking to get better balance and more coordination, trampoline exercise is a great way of making that change. Jumping helps to strengthen your ocular and inner ear functions–or the hand, eye, and ear coordination necessary to stay on your feet.

Hangar Trampoline Park Offers A Variety of Jumping Exercises

Now that you’ve seen some of the ways that using a trampoline can improve your health, plan your next visit to Hangar Trampoline Park. Conveniently located between the 215 and Moreno Valley Mall, Hangar has a variety of different activities for the whole family. From toddlers to seniors, we’ve got it all. Got questions? Contact our team today and get jumping!