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The Importance of Play in Community Well-being

There are many indications of a healthy community. Diversity, friendliness, and thriving local businesses are all good signs that a neighborhood or town is connected and welcoming. But what about fun? Research and experience both show that play is an essential component of community well-being. Here are four things that recreation adds to the health of an area.

Play Reduces Anti-Social Behavior

Studies have shown that access to local play spaces, such as playgrounds and youth recreation, correlates with a reduction in anti-social behavior. This includes crime and vandalism. When a community fosters fun, its members also hold one another accountable to keep the community safe and healthy.

Family Happiness Means Community Happiness

Research also indicates that families report higher levels of well-being when they utilize local recreation facilities. Because family is the building block of community, it follows that happier families are indicative of greater community well-being. But a key piece of this research is that these happy families use the play spaces available to them! So be sure to get out and have fun together.

Quality Recreation Translates Into Better Learning

A focus on work has replaced much of the appropriate role of recreation in our communities. While work is valuable, play can actually contribute to more effective and meaningful work. Evidence shows that children who play hard, especially with peers and family, are quicker to learn and excel in school. This is not only an argument for plenty of recreation time during school hours but also for significant playtime with family on nights and weekends.

Play Strengthens Connections and Teaches Social Lessons

Playing is an essential component of a child’s development, not only for recreation but also to instill community virtues and connections. Through regular playtime with loved ones and peers, a child learns expectations, social norms, and other important life skills. When adults choose to facilitate and prioritize children’s play, it benefits the entire community by preparing the kids of today to be responsible adults in the future.

While it’s easy to think of play as optional, research clearly shows that opportunities for recreation are an important part of a healthy community. We at Hangar Trampoline Park are grateful to be part of a supportive and fun community here in Moreno Valley, California. Are you looking for a place to have fun with your family or friends? Look no further than our awesome, family-friendly facilities. Bring your loved ones and start investing in your community well-being in the most exciting way! Call us today at 951-682-5867.