Include Regular Visits to the Trampoline Park in Your New Fall Routine

It’s September, and Fall is almost here. Most likely, your summer activities have ended, and your calendar is slowly filling up with new or different activities thanks to the season’s change. As you pencil in your weekly plans, consider adding regular visits to Hangar trampoline park. With lots of benefits and great membership options, you won’t be sorry you chose to come to see us. Here are just four of the reasons it makes sense to add a trip to Hangar to your weekly routine.

Help Your Children in School

Studies have shown that physical activity helps children with focus, memory, and attention span. Bringing your child to Hangar trampoline park gives him or her the opportunity to get out their extra energy while also promoting health and cognitive function. Because of these benefits, it makes sense to visit the trampoline park and other active outlets frequently throughout the school year.

Beat the Weather

With the fall season almost here, the weather will hopefully begin to cool off and we will get some much-needed rain. But regardless of the weather that keeps you from being outside, whether it’s scorching sun or long-awaited rain, you can hide from the outside conditions at Hangar. We’re open daily and have plenty of activities to keep you entertained for hours.

Host a Birthday Party

After dozens of pool parties and cookouts over the summer, you can thrill your guests with an entirely different and exciting way to celebrate. Our party experts are the best around, and our party packages include all kinds of great perks. With basketball slam dunks, a trick pit, and dodgeball, you can’t beat a Hangar birthday party. If you add to that the gourmet cupcakes, and the options of pizza or Chick-fil-a, this will be the party everyone talks about. No need for silly party games. Jump your way to an awesome celebration.

Get in a Workout

Even if you regularly work out at the gym, there really isn’t any comparison to a trampoline workout. By causing you to use your core for stability through your whole routine, a trampoline workout is truly full-body. At the same time, the low-impact actions of the trampoline protect your joints from injury. Include a regular visit to the trampoline park for a different, exciting, and challenging workout.

Hangar Trampoline Park is a great place to meet friends, have fun, and make great memories. With all the benefits of visiting our facility, it only makes sense to add a regular visit to your calendar. Be sure to check out our facebook page and website for news about weekly specials and more.