3 Indoor Workouts For Fall and Winter Fun

Keeping active during the winter and fall months can be challenging. There are the logistics of working out if you live in a cold climate, in addition to that universal dreary feeling that winter months can bring. Along with those dreary feelings is the overwhelming urge not to work out.

If you keep your workouts fun and fresh at Hangar Trampoline Park, it’ll combat the winter blues and will help you stay in shape. Finding a great workout that you enjoy, and benefit from, are critical to successful fall and winter workouts.

Battle Royale-Style Nerf and Laser Tag Wars Are Great Workouts

One way to sneak in a workout without hardly noticing it is with a good round of Nerf War. When you combine a lot of people, a competitive atmosphere, and Nerf guns, it’s not only a great time – it’s also a great workout.

At Hangar Trampoline Park you can take in our Nerf War experience solo or with your friends and family. This offers a safe, competitive space where you can blast your way into a great workout. Adults and kids alike can enjoy these fun and fast workouts together, so bring the entire family.

Running, jumping, hiding, and dodging Nerf bullets can burn hundreds of calories per hour. You could book weekly sessions for your family to help inspire your kids to stay in shape during the off season. If you’re at all curious about our facility, we’d love to introduce you to our unique indoor Nerf experience today.

Trampoline Park Jumping

There is truly no more whimsical way to get in a workout than a trampoline jump session. Enjoy air time at your local trampoline park to burn more than 1,000 calories in one hour of jump time.

Hangar Trampoline Park is a perfect place to try out so many of the tricks you’ve seen other people do on trampolines. With attendants monitoring the jump zone, we provide a safe place to try out new moves, new high-score jumps, and other tricks.

Want to make your jump hour even more of a workout? Combine trick jumps and lunges with jumping jacks and other body-weight exercises to maximize your workout. If just one jump session inspires you to do more, Hangar Trampoline Park offers affordable and flexible membership packages that include up to two hours of jump time a day!


Joining a local basketball team is a great way to get exercise indoors during a cooler season. Basketball season typically starts in the fall and ends in the late spring to accommodate those who want to get in shape and stay indoors during cooler weather.

Get Your Workouts At Hangar Trampoline Park!

If you’re curious about the atmosphere and layout of a trampoline park for your next fall and winter workout locations, visit us at Hangar Trampoline Park today. We have staff on hand to answer questions and give tours.

We accommodate requests from Nerf War Zone experiences to birthday parties and corporate events. If you have a need for jumping in your life, we want to be your trampoline home away from home.