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Kids Parties

Planning kids parties can be stressful. You typically have a decent sized guest list, want to do something unique, but also want to make sure everyone would have a great time. You want to be creative, but truthfully do not have massive amounts of time to pull something together.

However, you
are tired of
attending the
same old type
of party and
certainly do
not want to
plan a generic
one for you

So what are the options out there? How can you ensure everyone is having a great time, and that your kid will have a birthday party he/she will never forget?

Dodgeball &
Slam Dunk

Experts estimate that an average person can burn 650 calories per hour just by jumping. Other trampoline parks simply do not have the same amount of trampoline per square foot ratio as Hangar Trampoline Parks.

At our trampoline park, we have taken great measures to provide the ultimate trampoline experience. With more trampolines interconnected than any other park around, you can be assured that you and your child will burn massive amounts of energy- all while having a great time!

Dedicated Host

You and your guests are considered ultimate VIPs during your party time, which is why we offer a dedicated host to welcome your group, guide you through the arena, and make sure no detail is missed. This way, we can ensure your kid’s party is the best!


A fan favorite, our guests LOVE the special gift Hangar Trampoline Parks provides to their party guest- custom made trampoline socks! A way to maximize their jumping experience, additional traction on the bottom of these socks reduce friction, and offer greater grip during each jump.

Papa John’s

When you book your kid’s party at Hangar Trampoline Parks, you can opt for the most popular cuisine for your child- you aren’t restricted to just one culinary type.

Soft drinks
during Party
Room Time

What could beat a soft-drink fountain, with every flavor you can think of, available to your party guests for the entire duration of the event? Luckily, your kiddos can burn off the extra sugar on our state-of-the art trampolines!


We have teamed up with local cupcake shops to provide delectable, delicious and kid-friendly cupcakes to all of our party guests. Even for those children with special dietary restrictions, we can order gluten-free or vegan options.

Break away
from the norm
to create a

Trade the video game, ticket collecting, pizza eating experience for an action packed, blood-pumping athletic adventure! Keep your guests talking about YOUR party for months to come.

Looking to set the bar high? Now is the time to do something different. At Hangar Trampoline Parks, we offer an adventure like no other, packaged into a memorable and bona-fide experience.

We are located in Riverside, California, directly across 215 from Moreno Valley Mall, in the newly renovated commercial building that used to house Toys R Us. If you are interested in planning  kids parties at Hangar Trampoline Parks, give us a call! Speak to one of our specialized party planners by calling now at 951-682-JUMP.