4 Music Genres to Listen to While You Work Out

A great workout can be made or broken by your playlist. Depending on what you like, there are hundreds of choices – if not thousands! Picking great music is essential to success with working out. Read on for some of our favorite genres to jam out to during your workout. 

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We love the New Orleans-born poppy dance genre that is called bounce. Think pop meets rap meets the bass beat of EDM at a much faster pace than normal EDM. It’s energetic, jiggly, and so much fun to dance to. The themes are adult and the beats are great.

One of the biggest names in bounce is Big Freedia. She’s been working to give bounce a nationwide name since the 1990s and puts on a great live show. She performed recently with Lizzo, a new pop music favorite in 2019. 

Try making a bounce playlist that will get your heart pumping. You can also mix in bounce on your current playlists as a peak zone track to keep your stamina up. Dancing as your workout is a great way to stay in shape. Make it a little meta and take a bounce playlist with you to your trampoline bounce sessions. 

Popular, Top 100 Chart Music

If you’ve ever been to a spin class or another group workout class, you know about working out to pop music. 

What most people don’t give pop credit for, however, is its beat. Most pop music is predictably in 4/4 time, so the beats stay fairly the same. This can be to the chagrin of serious music aficionados, but it serves a great purpose for athletes and gym-goers. Those 4/4 beats can be synced so that it feels like one continuous playlist with minimal interruptions. That means your workout is done in what feels like less time because your body isn’t adjusting to different tempos with each song change. 

Pop music is also usually predictably split into a few categories. Two of the biggest are party songs with a quick beat and slower love ballads. Use the dichotomy to your advantage. Schedule quick tempos for warm-up and peak zones in your workout and use love ballads or slower-paced songs during cool-down.  


Easy listening music is great for workouts. It’s just enough to keep you interested but not so busy that you can’t think about all the things worth pondering during a workout. There is also a huge range of styles and tempos in jazz, so rest assured that your jazz workout playlist probably won’t look like anyone else’s. 

Audio Books

Believe it or not, if you’re really interested in an audiobook, it’ll help your workout fly by. Try an audiobook you already love. If you’re interested in it, you can use it to distract you from your workout. If it’s brand new and you’re not sure you’ll like it, you might be distracted from your time at the gym.


Now that you know some great options for your workout playlist, put them to the test and come try out a workout at Hangar Trampoline Park in Riverside!