4 Dance Moves Your Kids Will Love To Practice on a Trampoline

Since the invention of trampolines, kids have loved them. And dancing is one of the most enjoyable pastimes using a trampoline. Children of all ages and adults can bounce on a trampoline and use the airtime to practice dance moves. If laughs are shared in the process, even better! Here are four dances we think your kids will love practicing on the trampoline.

The Floss

This popular dance originated on Instagram and took the internet by storm. It has a similar trendy cult-following popularity to the stanky leg, the Superman, and other pop-culture dances. The dance really took off when it was included in the video game Fortnite.

To do the floss, you start with your arms by your side. You move both arms left and right and move your hips in the opposite direction. That’s it. Kids love to perform this dance while standing still on the trampoline and trying to perform it at the peak of trampoline jumps. Really, kids like to perform this trick anywhere.

Running Man

Bring back a classic when you teach your children the running man. This is a fun dance to perform midair and on the ground. It’s perfect for trampoline jumping. Workout out the arms and legs simultaneously with this number! 

Perform the running man when you pump your arms back and forth as if running and shuffle your feet opposite your hand pumping. The move looks great on the ground but looks wild if you can quickly pull it off at the top of a jump. 

Anything With a Bounce

Literally anything that has a bounce to it is fun to practice on the trampoline. Freestyle moves at the top of the jump get extra creative and are a great way for your kids to burn off energy. Encouraging them to come up with wild moves is fun as long as the moves are safe and respectful.


Midair is a great place to practice splits. Encouraging future or current cheerleaders to practice their splits on the trampoline is fun. It can also save worrying parents a lot of stress. The bounce of the trampoline will help keep them safer than jump-splits performed just from the ground. Splits are fun even for non-athletic kids. There’s something challenging and fun about seeing how far up you can get your legs and how fast you can get them back down to land the jump. 

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