Who to Watch for in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics 

The 2020 summer Olympics are just around the corner and training seasons have already started for the competition. Athletes from around the world compete for medals and victories that will honor their country. Winners earn gold medals and are sent home with accolades. If you’ve never watched the games, they’re something special and magical to behold. 

A lot of that magic happens when the competition brings people together regardless of borders and politics. With that said, there is so much inspiration in watching men and women who are the best at their sports perform and compete for honors. 

Here’s who to watch out for in the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

China’s Trampoline Team

Trampolining is an Olympic sport and has been since 2000. It’s hosted in two categories. There are the compulsory rounds, which is where the athletes are given tricks to perform and must perform that sequence of moves. There are also voluntary rounds, where participants can bring their own combinations of moves to the stage. Like most Olympic sports, trampolining hosts separate men’s and women’s matches. The team to watch for trampolining in the 2020 Olympics is none other than China’s team. 

Caeleb Dressel

Michael Phelps has three different Olympic records, and Dressel broke two of them. He also has as many gold medals as Phelps in world championships. He’s a young talent; he was born in 1996 and entered college in 2015. What he lacks in age he makes up for in speed and talent. 

Surfing Superstars

50 years after the Duke fought for surfing to be an Olympic sport, his dream has become a reality. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will host surfing at Shidashita Beach, or “Shida,” roughly 40 miles outside of Tokyo. There will be 40 contestants—20 men and 20 women. This is surfing’s first year at the game, and it could be dropped in future years if it doesn’t prove popular, or there is any slip in safety or ratings. 

Simone Biles

This darling of the gymnast world is likely to return to the games in 2020. After a dramatic finish in the 2016 Olympics and her step forward to accuse Larry Nassar of sexual abuse, Biles has been quoted as saying that the 2020 Olympics will probably be her last Olympic event. 

Noah Lyles

Usain Bolt was once the king of track events at the Olympics, but he’s not returning to the 2020 games in Tokyo. Train your eyes instead on Noah Lyles. This young man has one of the fastest 200-meter runs in the world, with the medals to prove it. He also wears long character socks to each of his runs, and his victory dances are known to include some of the hot new dance moves that kids admire. Lyles is definitely a great example of the next generation of Olympians coming to the games. 

You Can Train Like an Olympian

Many Olympians will vary the types of workouts they do, no matter what their sport. A great low-impact workout is trampoline jumping. Whether you aim to be on the next trampolining Olympian team or you simply want to get in a good workout, Hangar Trampoline Parks is here to help you get in shape. With convenient membership options and single-jump passes, there’s a way for everyone to jump at Hangar Trampoline Park.