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Why You Should Have Your Next Event At Hangar Trampoline Park

You’ve got plenty of reasons to host a group event. You’ve got a workout to plan, you’ve got a birthday party, you’ve got a fundraiser, or you might even have an antsy church youth group looking for something to do.

If you do find yourself in need of a group outing, Hangar Trampoline Park in Riverside, CA, is the best place to go! Call (951) 749-5644 to talk to a teammate today about hosting your next jump at our trampoline park.

There are several reasons to choose Hangar Trampoline Park, and these are just a few.

All-Inclusive Events at Hangar Trampoline Park

Our team prides itself on our events because we take care of all the details so you and your friends and family can have a great day together at our facility. We have the room for you to meet, whether for cake and ice cream or for a team-building conference. Adults and kids alike love having their birthday party at Hangar because of how accessible and fun the trampolines are.

The Hangar team is glad to plan all facets of your event, including the food, the music, and more. If you want to explore special events at Hangar Trampoline we’re happy to chat with you about Zorb Ball activities (the giant, inflatable human hamster balls), a turn in our war zone, or a variety of other exciting activities.

Your guests will love the custom Hangar socks we include with all event packages! These comfy socks are enhanced with tread on the bottom to making jumping safer and even more fun. We also include an hour of jumping for each person in jump event packages so that you and your crew can soak in all the fun.

A Great Atmosphere

Hangar Trampoline Park has a family-friendly atmosphere that can’t be beat. Enjoy jumps in an air-conditioned, exciting indoor facility. We aspire to create a safe space that all groups and individuals can enjoy.

Cuisine That Doesn’t Quit

Who doesn’t love a hot slice of pizza? At Hangar Trampoline Park you’ll enjoy delicious eats, devoured by kids and adults alike. Call today to discuss lunch options for your next group event. We’re happy to accommodate your tastes!

The Most Fun Workout You’ve Ever Had

Did you know that jumping burns 1,000 calories in an hour? Talk about a workout! Enjoy this fun cardio work out with your friends and family at your next group event. Young and old can work out together, as bouncing on a trampoline is much lower-impact than many other forms of cardio.

There are so many ways to get a good workout in while enjoying your jump hour. Take the workout solely on the trampoline by simply jumping or combine the jump with a full workout class. Your friends and family will have fun and get in a workout at the same time!

Come Visit Us At Hangar Trampoline Park in Riverside, CA!

If these notions haven’t sold you on a group event at Hangar Trampoline Park yet, call us! We have even more reasons why you and your friends, family, and co-workers would have an awesome day at Hangar.