Pro Bouncer? Train at Trampoline Parks!

In 1960, trampoline bouncing became a professional sport. It is still held in the Summer Olympics today, and these adult athletes make bouncing look astonishing. But when we at Hangar Trampolines say trampoline parks are for everyone, we mean it. It does not matter if you are just learning to jump or a professional. Whether you are training for the Olympics or a backyard competition, come in and train at our trampoline park.

There are many advantages to training at trampoline parks such as flexible hours, affordability, and the simple fact that trampoline parks are indoors.

Flexible Hours

The hours are usually from early afternoon to eight o’clock at night. If you have a “regular” nine-to-five job, you still have time to go after. On Fridays and Saturdays, the hours are late mornings to ten o’clock at night, and on Sundays, the hours are until seven o’clock. It is open to just about every person who wants to train.

Affordable Prices

Additionally, our prices are affordable and based on the amount of time you choose to spend bouncing. You can pay by the hour or purchase a membership, which can save you a ton of money. The only equipment we require you have is our custom-made socks, which are there to eliminate slipping and help with sanitization.

Indoor Equipment

Another advantage of training at a trampoline park is that our trampolines are all indoors. When the weather is bad, or it is too cold or hot, you can’t train at home. At our trampoline park, it does not matter how the weather is. If we are open, you can train.

There is a lot of space for you and any teammates you may bring. We have chosen top-notch trampolines and equipment to guarantee the best experience. You will have the most fun you have ever had training. Choosing our trampoline park means you have access to an entire café with a selection of snacks, food, and sports drinks that will not break the bank.

Trampolines have been used for over 50 years of training. Trampoline training is excellent for divers, gymnasts, skiers, and many more athletes. It is a high-intensity, low-impact workout. You can burn more than 600 calories in one hour. Bouncing will increase your metabolism, build stronger bones, and with high endorphin levels, create better mental health. Using bouncing to train will increase hand and eye coordination and motor skills. Not only is it extremely convenient, but trampoline jumping is one of the best ways to maintain cardiovascular fitness.

Training at a trampoline park is a good choice for anyone who is looking for fun and affordability. The workout itself is extremely beneficial to any athlete child or adult. You will never have to skip your training again because of a rainy day. You will also have enough room for the whole team can come together and train.