Straight A’s? Reward Them with an Hour of Pure Fun

Every nine weeks it can be a bit nerve-wracking to see what your child is going to bring home. Every parent wants his or her child to succeed, but sometimes there are other factors that affect your children’s grades. When your child comes home with a perfect report card it is a moment of pride and relief that your child is doing well. It is nice to reward your child for all the hard work and studying. Materialistic items tend to get boring quickly, but a good time at a trampoline park will not.

Why Rewards are Good

There are many articles available to the public about positive reinforcement. According to Nibletz author Todd Lewis,  when good behavior is rewarded in school it will develop more trust and result in less disruptive behavior in the future. Many students bring home bad grades not because they do not understand the curriculum, but because there is another underlying issue in life. Many times, this underlying issue is because of bullying or a cry for attention. With positive reinforcement, your child will feel the confidence he or she needs to do well in school.

Group Activity

Trampoline parks are something most kids enjoy, which gives you a great opportunity to invite friends and parents. Your child will be able to enjoy the time bouncing more with friends. You can take advantage of this time and get to know the parents of your child’s friends. Getting to know the parents may open another opportunity to make friends and it will also make future sleepovers and gatherings more comfortable.


Buying something every time your child does something great can result in an endless number of toys and items that he or she may not use. Taking your child to do something is a better choice because your child gets to exercise and have fun doing it. Many of the new “hot items” with all age groups do not get your children up and moving. Finding the opportunity to get your child out and about is truly beneficial.

Affordable and Safe

Trampoline parks are fairly inexpensive, especially if you only go occasionally. There are not many extra fees and the extra fees that do exist are one-time only. Your only requirement is to wear the custom-made safety socks on the bounce floors. The socks are made to minimize slipping and spreading of germs through the feet.

As a parent, you work hard to create the best life for your children. You go out of your way to make them happy with your own choice of parenting style. Rewarding your child for good grades will help enforce studying and hard work to continue which will benefit your child in the future. If you are looking for the safest, roomiest, and most affordable trampoline park for your child, go to Hangar Trampoline Park. The bounce floors are the biggest around and the reviews are great. Call today at 951-999-4924 or go to our website where you can find the safety waiver to fill out beforehand.