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01 August 2018

Six Simple Trampoline Exercises

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Fitness includes a lot more than salads and trips to the gyms. A fit lifestyle means looking for exercise opportunities

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18 July 2018

Rebounding vs. Running: Which Should You Choose?

By Hangar Trampoline In Exercise , fitness , rebounding

Running is one of the most popular sports in the world. In fact, the number of people in the United

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11 April 2018

Not Just For Kids! Why Adults Love Trampoline Parks Too

By Hangar Trampoline In Blog , Exercise , family fun , fitness , Fun , trampoline park

It’s easy to think of trampoline parks as a place just for children. In reality, there are many adults who

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06 December 2017

Drop Traditional Exercise: Why You Need to Start Bouncing

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Bouncing is fun for the whole family and is also a great way to burn double the calories. Trampoline fitness

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28 December 2015

6 Activities That’ll Keep You Fit and Healthy in 2016​

By Hangar Trampoline In Blog , Exercise , fitness , resolutions

Every January 1st, people pack their local gyms and athletic clubs to maximum capacity hoping get fit, lose weight, tone

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