Taking Classic Games to the Next Level and More

Today kids may be just as familiar with X-box as they are with hide and seek. Games that kids play haven’t changed much in many generations, save for what we call them. Perhaps it’s time to change that though. At Hangar Trampoline Parks we take dodgeball and soccer to the next level, but what if we could do more? What if we could reinvent the games your kids play to make them fall in love and be active once again?

Red Rover

The game of Red Rover was thought to have been invented in England. Normally played on playgrounds and in parks we think we can up the ante. Tradition holds that you are supposed to have two teams of children form a chain. The children begin the game by chanting “Red rover, red rover bring (child) right over!” trying to see if the child can break the chain by running into the chain. If they can’t, they’re absorbed into the chain, if they can, they can go back to their team.

At Hangar Trampoline Parks, we have the benefit of both running space and jumping space. Running and jumping at the chain of arms adds excitement. Perhaps the kids want to take Red Rover to the next level and make it harder– instead of breaking the chain they want to jump over the arms of the chain. With a trampoline base, that is absolutely possible.


The floor is LAVA! Well, actually it’s trampolines. Just imagine, having to get from one end of the room to the next when someone shouts that the floor is lava without touching the hard spaces. Bouncing your way through the jungle, racing the tendrils that threaten to engulf you! Wait, what if you only have to a count of 15. Maybe 20. Does that make it harder or easier? If you add a free ranging Lava Monster come to life, ready to tag the other players then you’ve got yourself a real obstacle course. A rush against the count down, against the monster, and energy. The floor is Lava is a great time waster for college students in their dorms, so teens will love the practice in a trampoline park. The kids are sure to be exhausted after escaping the lava eruption at Hangar Trampoline Parks.

Sharks and Minnows

With particularly large groups this game is wonderful. You may find this game in an elementary school gym but you could play it at Hangar Trampoline Parks too. Deciding one or two children two be sharks, or ‘it’ that will stay in the middle of the play area, then putting the rest on either end. Someone will need to stay to supervise and call out go for each round. Then the groups at each end will need to make their way past the sharks to the opposite end. However, if the shark tags them, they get eaten, and become a shark too. The game ends when there aren’t any minnows left.


We at Hangar Trampoline Parks have a specific area for dodgeball games. That means you can bounce around on trampolines and throw dodgeballs at each other. Talk about dodgeball 2.0! Hopefully equilibrium doesn’t affect your aim. Come in today to try it out!

Kids today no longer have to sit around thinking of ways to make old games more exciting. We have all the tools to liven up any classic games, and get your kids active. Come in today and try out our facilities. You won’t go home disappointed.