We're temporarily closed due to COVID-19 but can't wait to welcome everyone back as soon as we are allowed to reopen.

The Perks of Buying A Membership

If you’ve been following our blog with any degree of frequency, you know that we love our members. Here are a few of the perks that happen when you buy a membership at Hangar.

Membership Guarantees You Access to A Safe Place

At Hangar Trampoline Park, we pride ourselves on establishing a safe, fun place to jump. By purchasing a membership, you help us ensure that you always have space to jump with the entire family. Our members pay a monthly fee that allows us to keep the park fully staffed and ready for their daily jumping time.

Membership Makes It Easier to Enjoy Family Time

Becoming a member is an excuse to schedule regular family jumping time. The entire family can come to Hangar together and do their own thing–together. We offer a variety of activities to keep everyone busy. From toddlers through senior citizens, every person in your family gets to have some fun and exercise under the same roof.

Membership Gives You Time to Jump All Year Long

Membership also allows you to jump inside our temperature-controlled space no matter the weather outside. Even when the heat is burning down on us in Riverside, members get the same benefits every day of the year. The same goes for the cold weather months. We’re open daily and have special discounts and events for our members during the holiday season.

Membership Helps Local Businesses Stay Open

One of the biggest reasons that we can stay open all year is because of our members. By purchasing a membership at Hangar Trampoline Park, you are supporting a local business. It keeps our team members employed all year, and it helps drive traffic to our neighbors in the community. Buying local helps to protect local businesses.

Members Save On Parties

One last benefit to keep in mind involves parties. We offer parties to suit the needs and wants of the guest of honor. Whether it’s a birthday party, a work event, or something in the middle, having a get-together at Hangar is something special. Our members receive a $30 discount on any scheduled party held at our trampoline park.

Don’t Wait to Become A Member

We’re regularly looking at new benefits for our members, but why wait to join? There’s always something fun happening at Hangar Trampoline Park. Visit us in Riverside between the 215 and Moreno Valley Mall. Let us show you what your membership experience can mean. Contact us to learn more today!