4 Things Your Teenager Says and What They Really Mean

Sometimes decoding what your teenager is saying can be a challenge. It’s not hard, it just requires patience and understanding. If you put in the effort to listen, more times than not you’ll be able to work out what they mean. Here’s a quick guide to some of the hottest slang terms and what they mean when your teenager says them.


“Gucci” just means good or great. It’s used as an adjective in some cases to describe something. An example might be “That watch is Gucci!” or “That Instagram layout is Gucci.” It can also be used to describe a mood. It might be an answer in casual small talk. “How are you doing?” “Gucci!” 

Beat Your Face

This term originated (according to some) in the Youtube makeup star community. “Beat” just means to wear makeup that’s skillfully applied. And it normally means a lot of it too. You “beat your face” meaning you spend a lot of time, talent and (usually) money on your makeup.


This is an acronym for the phrase “greatest of all time.” This can be used to describe just about anything as an adjective. “That coat is the GOAT!” or “She’s the GOAT.” 

Spilling the Tea

Kermit the Frog, or a meme of him anyway, is to blame for this phrase. For several years there were pictures of Kermit the Frog drinking hot tea circulating on social media. The picture was always accompanied by a witty observation that Kermit was fictiously making and sharing with the person he was viewing. They usually started with the observation and ended with “but that’s none of my business.” This phrase was born from that. Many YouTubers and young content creators picked up the phrase “spilling the tea” as a way to say they were getting ready to talk about drama in their community. 

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