Three Unexpected Ways to Use a Trampoline Park

When someone says the words “trampoline park,” there is probably a particular image that pops into your head. Maybe it’s kids jumping and having fun together. Perhaps you imagine professional jumpers, soaring high and turning flips. Or maybe your idea is more family-oriented and includes mom and dad in the fun. All of those are great uses for a trampoline park, but did you know that they are only part of the many opportunities a jump park can offer? Here are three uses for a trampoline park you may not have considered before.

Corporate Events

It can be hard to plan company events that are fun, affordable, and interesting. If you are planning a big meeting, product launch, or celebration, it’s a great opportunity to think outside the box and bring your staff to Hangar trampoline park. With all-inclusive packages and lots of flexibility in options, your time at Hangar will be low-stress. Jumping together will boost morale and make great memories. Read more about corporate events at Hangar trampoline park here.

Date Night

There is a time and a place for dinner reservations, theater tickets, and carriage rides. Then there are the dates when you want to be adventurous, laugh, and have some fun. On your next night out on the town, bring your date to Hangar trampoline park for a bouncing slam dunk competition or to take turns flipping into the trick pits. You can even enjoy refreshments at the snack bar. Also, thanks to hourly pricing, you can drop in as part of a longer date. Jump for an hour before you catch a movie or grab drinks. It’s bound to be memorable and fun.


Raising money is not an easy task. If your scout troop, youth group, after-school club, or other organization is looking for a way to raise funds, look no further than Hangar trampoline park. Giving your supporters the opportunity to have a blast and give to your organization is a win-win. To find out more about fundraising options and events, call us at 951-682-JUMP.

Trampoline parks are a great place for kids, teens, and families to enjoy time together. But that is far from all they offer. At Hangar trampoline park, we are excited to think outside the box and embrace the unexpected. So the next time you are planning an event, a date, or a fundraiser near Riverside, California, consider Hangar. We look forward to hearing from you.