How to Throw an Awesome Indoor Birthday Party

Are you planning a birthday party and need to keep your guests indoors? There are ways to throw an awesome indoor birthday party that your guests and honoree will remember for years to come. Here are three ways to host an indoor birthday party that everyone will love.

Let Your Guests Get Crafty

Hosting a party indoors means you can let your inner artist shine! Whatever your interests, there is a craft project for you. For a delicious activity, take on cookie decoration or gingerbread houses. If food isn’t to your tastes, you can provide your guests with a more formal artistic endeavor through a painting or sculpting class. Alternatively, keep it casual with t-shirt or tote-bag decorating. Regardless of the creative outlet you choose, giving your guests the opportunity to create something unique is a great way to celebrate together.

Keep Your Guests Active

If you don’t have a plan for an indoor birthday party, it can start to feel cramped with everyone inside. To help keep your party lively, plan activities that keep everyone moving. There are several ways to do this indoors. For example, you can plan adventures outside your home like bowling or – our favorite – jumping at a trampoline park. Or if you are hosting at home, plan some classic party games like charades or pin the tail on the donkey. For a more grown-up theme, create or rent a photo booth with lots of fun props and backgrounds to keep your guests up and moving. Finally, everyone loves a dance party! Don’t underestimate the power of fun music.

Challenge Your Guests

After your guests work out with their bodies, why not give them a challenge for their minds? There are plenty of fun and challenging activities that require extra brain power. For instance, why not script a murder mystery for your guests? Everyone gets a secret identity and the culprit must be found! There are plenty of templates for this online. Another option is staging competitions similar to the show “Minute to Win It.” Classic games are also a sure win. Try family favorites like Pictionary or Balderdash. If none of those options fit the bill, a classic scavenger hunt is always fun and easy to put together.

If the weather or other circumstances necessitate an indoor birthday party for you this year, there are many options to make it a success. And if taking on the planning and execution of these ideas feels like too much work, don’t forget that there are lots of birthday party venues that design and host your party for you. At Hangar Trampoline Park, we provide a party expert for every party. Our party packages include food, games, and special game reservations! To learn more, visit or call Hangar today.