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Throwing a Birthday Party on a Budget

If there’s a birthday party in your near future, you may be wondering how to plan an epic bash on a limited budget. Party sites online or television shows lead you to believe that the best parties will cost you thousands. In reality, you can throw an awesome birthday party on a budget. Here are three tips to help you keep your spending down without sacrificing any fun.

Plan Ahead

If you wait to plan until your party is only a week or two away, it will cost you in many ways. For one, the stress might just kill you! But really, the prices add up when your party date is near. Extra costs in shipping if you order online or for those specialty items you buy at the store are budget-busters for sure. Additionally, you may find that you have to pay top dollar for a venue too late in the game. For this reason, it’s a great idea to keep your eyes open for party items year-round. Try not to impulse buy or pick up things you probably won’t need “just in case.” Instead, plan exactly what you want and then buy only what you need. Buy generic things when you can, and save your budget for the really fun stuff like activities. And book your venue early so you can save.

Focus on Activities Rather Than Decor

When you’re partying with a theme, it’s easy to get sucked into the decor. Yes, personalized tablecloths, balloons, t-shirts, masks, and favors are awesome. But they also add up to a fortune! To make a birthday party on a budget both memorable and fun, spend most of your money on the substance of the party: activities! Focus on what you will do in your time together. Remember, this may include food if you are hosting a meal. When it comes to plates, cups, napkins, balloons, etc., solid colors work just as well and will cost you a fraction of the price.

Choose a Package Deal

We would all love to be the birthday party superhero and complete every detail ourselves, on time and under budget. However, realistically it is unlikely that anyone could complete that huge task! One excellent way to save money and sanity is to host your event at a birthday party venue that provides party packages. For instance, at Hangar Trampoline Park, our party packages include food, cake, decor, jump time, Hangar socks, a personal party specialist and more, all for one low price. If you tried to create that party on your own, not only would it be a lot more work, it would cost more, too. Finding a venue that offers party options is a great way to stay in your budget. No last-minute runs to the party store for forgotten items. We have you covered! Just come and have fun.

A budget doesn’t have to put a damper on your party plans. Instead, it gives you a chance to focus on what’s really important: having a blast with the people you love. You can throw a birthday party on a budget and every guest will have the time of their lives! Interested in learning more about birthday parties at Hangar? Call or stop by for more information!