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Top 10 benefits that can be gained from using a trampoline

1. Promotes physical movement.
Let’s get off the computer, turn off the video games, and put down the cell phone. Spend some time, communicating face to face, while actually using your muscles. This fun-filled activity will make you want to exercise!

2. Reduce Stress levels and hyperactivity naturally.
There can be many reasons for stress or restlessness (hyperactivity). Worry, our diet, too much caffeine, or drugs/vitamins can all be the cause. Physical activity helps alleviate all types of stress and allows our bodies to relax naturally. Rebounding is the perfect answer to help relieve the effects of stress, ADHD, and relentless. According to the US National Library of Medicine, over time, bouncing can help alleviate insomnia, pain from stress, and the anxiousness caused by restlessness.

3. The bouncing motion can actually improve your Lymphatic Systems function.
The lymphatic system works with your body’s immune system, defending against infections. Its function relies completely on r conscious movement. The lymph system does not have a pump, like a heart so it relies on our body moving to act as a pump. Brisk exercise, such as walking, jogging, or swimming, can help flush toxins from the lymph system, one of the best by far is rebounding or bouncing! Due to the up-down movement, daily bouncing can cause lymph fluid to flow and flush toxins from your system. Only 10 minutes of rebounding, can promote circulation of toxins from your lymph ducts to the liver, then kidneys, forcing it quickly out of your body.

4. Trampolines : A fountain of youth?
Trampolines are shown to significantly slow down aging caused by gravitational pull. This can even counteract the sagging skin that is a tale tells sign of aging.

5. Exercise that is Safe on your Joints.
Bouncing on a trampoline is better than jogging, running, etc. Unlike these exercises, rebounding on a trampoline produces a low-impact action that is easy on your joints. It can help improve joint quality, and aid in the healing of soft tissue injuries. This can be especially helpful in easing pain from neck, back, and knee injuries.

6. Trampolines are a healthy cardio pulmonary system workout
Don’t let inactivity cause you to develop problems with your heart and lungs. Bouncing on a trampoline for a little as 20 minutes a few times a week can help strengthen your heart and lungs. It does this by lowering blood pressure and improving lung capacity.

7. Buff up by working on your core
A trampoline works your entire core so you can target specific muscle groups or work your upper and lower body at the same time. Get toned, get ripped, or just improve your overall strength- it’s up to you.

8. Enhance your sense of Balance.
When you Jump on a trampoline, the uneven landing and ever- changing surface helps you improve overall balance through involuntary compensation. Good balance is important in all ages and facets of life.

9. Trampolines help in your Weight Loss plan.
Studies show that it takes only 12 minutes of rebounding, for a average size adult (150 lbs) to burn 82 calories this is an average of 60% better loss than other forms of exercise such as jogging.

10. Reduce that crêpe skin called Cellulite.
Cellulite affects about 90% of women and 10% of men regardless of size or age. By burning fat and building up muscle a trampoline can help get rid of these unsightly fat dimples?