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Trampoline is the fun way to stay fit

Playing on a Trampoline is believed to be one of the best forms of exercise around.  When you jump on the trampoline, you experience a euphoric sense of weightless at the top of the jump, as you reach the bottom of the mat, you experience as much as 4Gs of gravitational force.  This combination of sensations is why trampoline exercise provides a mixture of health and fitness no other activity can.  Here are some of the many benefits that trampoline exercise can offer.

It is a Fun Way to shed pounds and stay fit.  Rebounding exercise (trampolining) is shown to be 68% more efficient than running or jogging.  A 150-pound adult can burn more calories in hour of trampoline than in one hour of running or jogging.  Trampoline is a form of exercise that supports your metabolic system and is more efficient for weight loss.  You can practice this form of exercise without becoming out of breath.  Often when you perform cardio exercises you become breathless, and this can lower your metabolism affecting your weight loss.

There is a definite Increase in Lymphatic Flow through The Body from trampoline exercise.  The network of tissues and organs, which help us to filter out toxins and waste from the body, is called the lymphatic system.  Unlike our cardiovascular system where our heart pumps on its own, the lymphatic system depends on our movements to help it pump out these toxins.  Rebound exercise on a trampoline moves the whole body.  This can help open and close the lymphatic valves as well as increase lymph flow by as much as 15 times.

There is also benefit in the shift of gravity experienced during each jump.  The movement of each muscle and cell aids in the lymphatic cleansing.  As blood flows through the body, lymphatic fluid leaks out of blood vessels saturating body tissues.  Food is carried to the cells and bathes the body tissues in fluid.  This lymphatic solution carries away toxins and waste products.  Improving the lymphatic functions also boosts our immune systems naturally.  This can help in tissue repair, strengthening of joints, and slowing down the aging process.

Bouncing on a trampoline helps pump your thyroid gland.  This action causes it to start clearing the body of stored fat namely cellulite!  It is shown to strengthen our Skeletal System and Increase Bone Mass due to the increased G forces experienced during a jump.  Jumping also, helps fight osteoporosis by strengthening bone density.  Another side effect is the strengthening of tendons and ligaments as well as helping to lessen the pain of arthritis and improving flexibility.

Trampoline exercise can improve your energy levels, jump start weight loss, and give you an overall sense of well-being.  It aids in improving balance and coordination, and can help alleviate varicose veins.  On top of all these benefits, Trampoline exercising IS FUN!