Trampolining can help Improve Employee Work Life Balance

There is a lot of literature available on the net about work life balance. Most of it is really great read offering actionable tips and suggestions on implementing some semblance of a work life balance in today’s crazy lifestyle. How many people actually go ahead and implement or incorporate those ideas into their lives is of course a matter of personal decision. For most parts though, majority of the workforce regardless of the industry type, lead stressful lives. As an employer the kind of work atmosphere you provide to your employees can make a huge difference in their productivity. It can also make a huge difference to their general health and level of competence, compliance, and motivation.

Health is a Crucial Priority in Work Life Balance

Stress can impact both mental and physical well-being in more than one ways. It affects the body’s natural rhythm, wreaks havoc with hormonal balance which ultimately affects the body’s immune system. When under stress a person makes poor health and lifestyle decisions which can lead to big health risks. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, weak immune system, and insomnia, are some of the most common stress related conditions today.

Advocate a Healthy Lifestyle at the Workplace

There are a number of ways in which you can help your employees maintain work life balance. Here are a few strategies that can help.

  • Allow employees the option to work from home part time.
  • Focus on productivity and not the number of hours worked.
  • Plan strategic breaks during work hours to allow employees to step away from their desks.
  • Lead by example – when they see you making important lifestyle changes, they will be more encouraged to follow.
  • Encourage better work culture that is both inclusive and promotes team mentality.
  • Try to include better and meaningful benefits and perks.
  • Offer flexible work hours.
  • Conduct routine wellness programs and activities.

Work Life Balance the Healthy Way at Hanger Trampoline Parks

Office parties and get-together such as picnics are a great way to encourage people interactions and to keep your employees motivated. Most organizations in fact do plan a number of events on a fairly routine basis keeping in mind the wellness of their employees. But instead of going the same old ‘’office party’’ way, you might actually do better by thinking of fun activities that help in team building and are also great for health. Trampolining is one such option.

Read here to learn why trampolining is a fun activity and also great for health.

Plan an afternoon of pure team building fun or incorporate a brain storming session for an upcoming event such as a product launch along with some rebounding action. Either way you can be sure the time will be well spent. Hanger Trampoline Parks is a great venue for any corporate event if your aim is to mix work and play. With multiple fun activity options at hand, customized menu options, and an atmosphere designed to keep stress away, Hanger Trampoline Parks is the perfect stress-free setting for your employees.